Top Reasons Why You Must Visit Tulum At Least Once in Your Life

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Are you looking for one of the trendiest destinations on the planet? If yes, then you must definitely visit Tulum. With so many tourists flocking to this beach town, here are some reasons you must consider visiting Tulum.

Vacations in Mexico are all about sand, sea, and sunshine. When in Tulum, don’t forget to try fresh and flavorful Mexican food.

Whenever taking a trip to Tulum, there is no shortage of activities and things to do whether you are on a vacation or moving here as a digital tripper. Here are some reasons, you must consider Tulum as your next vacation destination:

Get ready to enjoy the best beaches

Are you a beach bum? If yes, then there is no better place to visit than Tulum. Without a doubt, one of the most attractive beaches in Tulum is Paradise Beach. The impressive blue waters, white powdery sand, and palm trees are sure to grab your attention and make your vacation extraordinary.

Explore the old Tulum Mayan Ruins

Exploring the Tulum Mayan Ruins in the Mayan City of Tulum Cancun can be really fun. This city has several beautiful places to offer along with old monuments lying on an attractive beach with clear water.  

Here the Mayan temple houses an amazing human figurine. In this temple, the figurine is famous as diving go which is present in the upside position. It looks like a bee slurping nectar from a flower. However, bees at the place are considered sacred. 

Traveling from Cancun through the ruins can be thrilling and exciting at the same time. You will like to travel on this route because it was once utilized as the main trading post for neighboring cities.

Experience the underground cenotes

The word cenote indicates sacred well. The region of Tulum is famous for its number of cenotes of caves and underground rivers. Cenote Dos Ojos is the deepest and closest cenote in Tulum.

At Cenote Dos Ojos, two cenotes connect in a large cavern that is perfect for discovering the unique ecosystem. It is a breathtaking experience to swim, dive, or snorkel in these underwater limestone sinkholes. These cenotes are nurtured by underground rivers and give an incredible glimpse of the world below.

Enjoy a natural wonder

Just a few minutes’ drive from Tulum is the Kaan Luum Lagoon which is famous for its incredible beauty. The turquoise lagoon has narrow areas for wading while other areas are no deeper than 6.5 feet.

The mineral-rich mud here is popular for its outstanding healing powers and the shallow water makes it easy for you to cover yourself in the mud or simply sit and relax in the waters.

In case, a mud bath is not your choice then simply take a paddleboard tour of the attractive lagoon. In the center, you can find a huge cenote that swimmers can explore.

Take yoga class

Tulum is often considered a retreat for yogis and this scene continues to grow and expand with the years. Here you can find everything right from cool studios to luxury beachfront shalas which offer different yoga classes like vinyasa, breathing techniques, and much more. 

In case, you are staying in a hotel in Tulum, then there is a chance that your hotel will also offer yoga classes onsite that too for free. Else, you can even find a studio easily and attend amazing yoga classes.

Incredible nightlife

Along with the pretty beaches and cenotes, Tulum offers the country’s best nightlife. Right from full moon beach parties at the renowned Papaya Playa Project to the prevalent Cuban bar on the central strip, Batey, Tulum has a lot to offer. 

In order to experience the best nightlife in Tulum, make sure to visit a hidden gem that is often loved by Nakawe. On the other hand, if you prefer drinking some tasteful cocktails on a lush outdoor seating terrace then visit Gitano. Remember these are just a few excellent options of Tulum.

Tulum has lip-smacking food to offer

The experience of a trip often depends upon the quality of the food you eat. And Tulum will never disappoint you at all. Whenever visiting Tulum, make sure you try the local food. This is the only place where you can give it a try Yucatecan cuisine is perfectly flavored with a blend of citrus, achiote, smoke, habaneros, and the traditional Mayan seasonings. 

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