What is a Scale Calibration? Here Is A Comprehensive Guide For You

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Scale calibration is mainly a means of checking the accuracy of weighing equipment. Some of the examples include; a weight balance from an analytical lab, a set of large industrial weigh scales required for measuring the weight of components, and so on.

Sometimes, even the highest quality scale is not accurate always. Normal wear and tear occur with time, leading to accuracy slips. It can even degrade quickly, when the scale is exposed to electric or mechanical shock or is in a manufacturing environment with metal chips, moisture, oils, etc. 

Calibration is the procedure of testing the scale and assuring the level of accuracy that is required. In a laboratory setting, where results are usually dependent on exact weights, scale calibration is of great significance.

Having an inaccurate scale can hurt your business negatively. In processing and manufacturing, incorrect measurements result in issues of product quality, scrapped batches, and a product recall.

How does the scale calibration process work?

A recognized standard or certified mass is first placed on your scale. That particular weight reading is recorded. If the weight readings match the standards applied properly or fall within the calibration tolerance then the scale does not require any kind of adjustment.   

In case, the weight readings are not matching or fall within the tolerance, then the service will likely be required to restore the scale to a suitable state of precision. 

While an instrument might be capable of measuring a particular range of weight, called the instrument range, it can or cannot be calibrated for that complete range.

Instead, there can be a calibration range that’s selected, ranging from zero to a maximum weight of your selection. After the calibration range is defined, the calibration is done at several points from zero to span in order to assure high exactness.

How often the scales should be calibrated?

How often you need to calibrate your scales often depends upon a number of factors like the manufacturer’s suggestions, how often you utilize the scales, the environment they are present in as well as how important a precise weight is to your business. 

Some are calibrated only once a month, some are calibrated once a year while some are checked even on the spot regularly for accuracy. Generally, after contemplating these factors, it is determined that somewhere in the middle, certified calibration once per quarter along with spot check weekly is perfect to ensure the quality control of scales that are utilized fairly.

It is always better to check the recommendation of the manufacturer first. Manufacturers must have a recommendation for the frequency of calibration and as all scales are manufactured in a different way, it is generally safe to consider the manufacturer because he knows the best.

Throughout the day, if your scales are used multiple times then remember normal wear and tear will take place faster when compared to the scales that are used only once or twice a week.

As a result, when these scales are used frequently, they must be calibrated more often, generally monthly.

The surrounding environment is known for playing a vital role. For instance, if your scale is utilized in an area where dust, fluids, and other substances are common then your scale can have a build-up of these substances and affect the performance of the scale.

On the other hand, if you have the scale present in a place where there is static electricity, vibrations, or mechanical shock then the accuracy of the scale will be affected badly.

In general, it is necessary to consider frequent calibration so that these substances and other factors do not come in the way of offering you precise weight.

It is necessary for you to understand how necessary an accurate weight is for your business. In case, your company is not able to afford even the slightest inaccuracy in weight then more frequent calibrations are required and vital.

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