How to create interactive videos online


Surely this need has arisen at some point, in my case I have needed to create interactive videos on several occasions and I have never found the appropriate tool.

Of course… some of you can tell me, you can buy an Adobe Premiere license, but for those who do not have knowledge of video editing using this type of software (as is my case), the remedy may be worse than the disease and the knowledge will be a problem, since Adobe Premiere or similar, usually have a high learning curve and are not really as focused on creating interactive videos as the product that I am sharing with you.

For this article I come with an interesting tutorial of a web solution that I wish I had discovered earlier, on those occasions when I have needed to create interactive videos to promote products or create specific content, without the handicap of being an expert in video editing.

Create interactive videos

You can create videos through It is an online video editor that from the browser allows you to record the screen or upload your own videos to edit them. Allowing you to add interactive buttons in the video and integrate content (images, PDF, presentations, links, other videos, etc.), all from a very visual drag drop interface.

This solution covers many use cases and needs, which can range from creating Interactive videodirecting traffic to a specific site, to a product from an online store, etc.

It also has a high application potential for all those of you who are trainers and teach online courses in systems like Udemy and the like. Since it facilitates the task of creating the video with the academic contents, announcing your training with an online Teleprompter and adding value to the user through interactive elements, such as adding a simple link to a documentation or a code repository, where in other scenarios it is not possible.

In addition and as I say, the system includes an online Teleprompter, with which the text you have entered is presented to you, and as a guide, it will help you in your presentations.

Actual application

For this tutorial I have wanted to work on a use case that I have carried out on several occasions, which is the promotion of Amazon product links in different events such as Valentine’s Day or the famous Black Friday, where you can achieve a high conversion rate in purchases, due to the timing of the event, and receive commissions for it with the affiliate program. Either by Amazon or the referral program that is.

For this example, I have chosen a niche theme, and one that has caught my attention recently and I encourage you to discover it, which is mindfulness.

Even so, in this case the content is not relevant, but how the technology is applied to a specific need: Create an attractive video, which can have engagement and conversion.


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