BCA Vs BBA – Which one is Better Career Path


The first thought that comes to mind when planning your further education is which course would be the best fit for you.  BCA and BBA are the most popular and well-liked undergraduate courses. Each course offers a rich curriculum and an individualistic value. Students are sometimes confused between choosing BCA and BBA as both industries are expanding quickly, and there is a noticeable rise in the demand for management and technology positions.

Which programme therefore offers the best future prospects? Which course will enable you to safeguard your financial future? It is important to have clarity in your mind to understand the benefits and scope of both a BBA and a BCA before choosing the best path for you. You should be aware of the variations between the two courses. The descriptions of both courses are provided here to assist in your decision-making of choosing the course-

  • BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Applications, while BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. These two courses are both graduate-level courses. The two programmes each last three years and the internship is included in both the courses. You should choose BCA if you are interested to learn about computers and you should choose BBA if you want to learn about management.
  • After completing the BCA programme, the candidate will have a good number of work chances in various IT firms because the BCA programme is technically oriented and exposes students to a variety of computer-related and technical disciplines. After graduating with a BBA course in Bangalore, the student can start his or her own business, or work for a company depending upon the skills and interests.
  • A range of business and management-related disciplines are covered in the BBA programme. These folks may be able to find employment in all economic areas like human resource, finance, marketing, I T, Afterall all the sectors need a management team for the proper functioning of the companies. As for BCA, the best option for graduates is to enter the IT sector. There a person can start as a programmer or DB manager and then slowly move upward to the management position.
  • If a person intends to do a Master’s degree, then a BBA graduate MBA is an ideal degree whereas a person who has a degree in BCA can go for MCA or MBA according to their interest and passion. MBA IT is opted by many students who completed BCA. Doing a Masters is a good option after BBA or BCA because even though both are professional degrees, a Master’s degree means an increased salary.
  • Both the BBA and BCA are well paid people in the job sector. It is important to note that whereas a person with BCA degree will spend all his time in the office sitting in front of a computer coding or doing other stuff, the person with a BBA degree can opt for field jobs that will give them the flexibility to travel. So, if you like to work indoors then go for BCA otherwise you can explore the work area with college degree of BBA course in Bangalore.

Whether you pursue a BCA or BBA depends on the type of employment you intend to do in the future. BCA will undoubtedly be a wonderful option if you want to work in the IT industry or are a computer programmer, but if you want to work in business or have a management orientation, BBA will be a better choice. However, in both instances, you must get admission to a good commerce college like RIBS Bangalore or other popular colleges in India.


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