BCA After 12th: A Boon to Your Career

BCA After 12th

The best degree to have if you want a job after college is one in computer science. Today, there are many job openings in the IT industry. One of the most adaptable degrees available today, a BCA after the 12th class can open several possibilities for you if you are interested in learning computers. With the degree, more options become available every day as the IT sector develops.

1 High Salary Package

Some of the highest-paid professionals today are computer engineers. Therefore, BCA colleges in Bangalore are the best to get admission into, if you want to start your profession with a high base income. With a BCA degree, you can rank among the highest-paid newcomers in the field. An average computer application engineer makes about 6 lakhs per year in annual pay. Having this package after you graduate from college will help you maintain a steady financial situation that will continue to get better.

2 The course fee is not very high

A BCA is one of the most budget-friendly courses you can pursue, however, many undergraduate degrees are rather expensive to pursue. A BCA is your best option if you want to pursue a career in computer engineering without having to pay a lot of money. When compared to other computer science and engineering degrees, the average annual tuition for a BCA course in Bangalore is similar across universities, making it fairly affordable. This is another reason, BCA will be a boon for your career as you will earn better after the degree, and then if you have done your degree on an education loan, you’ll be able to repay it easily.

3 Networking opportunities with like minded people

Through paid internships and attractive job chances as a fresher, a BCA degree can open up tremendous opportunities for you early in your career. After you start your degree, you will come to know about the importance of networking in the private sector. You will have plenty of opportunities to build a great professional network. This network will assist you in obtaining the ideal employment in the business over the years if you’re looking to change careers. This network will assist you in starting from scratch in your profession.

4 Earn and Learn opportunity

Many IT organizations seek individuals to work with them since the BCA degree is so adaptive. Some prestigious IT firms even provide bright BCA students with paid internship opportunities. This facilitates students’ professional development and entry into the workforce once they have finished their studies. Such a chance will assist you in developing employment skills and creating a reliable income while you pursue your studies. When you are done with the degree, you can show the internship as experience on your CV.  BCA colleges in Bangalore have tie-ups with the best IT firms all over India. 

5 Abundance of work scope

Students pursuing degrees in computer application or computer engineering have many specialization options available to them at universities all throughout India. Some of the topics covered in BCA include blockchain technology, the internet of things, machine learning, and cyber security. If you decide to enroll in a computer engineering degree, the practical training for cloud technology, information security, and full-stack development is covered. Artificial intelligence is an option as well. These are all extremely cutting-edge career pathways with a wide range of employment options worldwide.

There are numerous considerations while applying for a BCA degree. You must conduct research on the best commerce colleges in Bangalore before making a selection of the institution. The best qualities you should look for are computer labs, an industry-relevant curriculum, knowledgeable professors, and chances for student growth. If you get an education from the right college, the BCA degree will help you with your career growth tremendously.


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