Why to Choose IEM Kolkata over Other engineering colleges in Kolkata

Why to Choose IEM Kolkata over Other engineering colleges in Kolkata

There are many reasons to choose IEM over any other engineering college. Apart from the amazing ranking and top notch placement record, the college ensures that the students develop an advanced understanding of the subjects. This is valuable for them to start a good career. That’s what makes IEM one of the best engineering colleges in Kolkata.

Choose IEM Kolkata over Other engineering colleges in Kolkata

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1. IEM can boast that its students consistently outperform the competition in the MAKAUT semester exams, with several of them receiving high university honours. The NBA has accredited all departments that qualify (CSE, IT,ECE) for the IEM. According to the college, placement rates for engineering and management students are close to 100%. Several of them accept numerous job offers. NIRF ranked 101st overall in India (2019). This is by far the best one can get out of an engineering college.

2. IEM was given an “A” Category rating by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council, and the Telegraph named the institute the “Jewel of the East.” IEM won the Star News Award for being India’s best institute. According to NIRF (National Institutional Ranking Framework), the Ministry of HRD, Government of India, the college is the third-best engineering college in West Bengal, after IIT Kharagpur and NIT Durgapur, and it is ranked 79th overall in India. One of the strongest placement cells in the nation is within the educational organisation. Since its founding, IEM has offered an average of 1 to 2 jobs to each student that no other college has been able to do.

3. The infrastructure offered is superior to that of every other college. Separate Boys & Girls Common Room and Boys & Girls Hostel Facility. A medical unit is available for free health checks. For the students, there are free vaccination services accessible. For students who reside far from college, there are bus services. Study abroad programmes, scholarships, and many more amenities are available that make IEM the best College for engineering.

4. All qualified students from all graduating batches during the past 30 years have received, on average, 1 to 2 employment offers. The IEM website reports that in 2021, 3 students received 6 employment offers, 10 received 5 job offers, 63 received 4 job offers, 152 received 3 job offers, 290 received 2 job offers, and 463 received at least one job offer. This is the highest placement rate an engineering college may achieve and this college makes the people who are the Future of Engineering. 

5. IEM and Harvard Business School (HBS) have signed an MOU for the provision of HBS study guides, materials, programs, and courses. This is evidence that, in contrast to many other private engineering colleges, IEM truly makes an effort to provide students a good exposure to engineering work performed all around the world. About 20 students pursue higher education in the USA, Europe, or Canada. The students are taken on research tours and industry visits throughout the USA, Canada, Singapore, Europe, Australia, and Malaysia.

6. Last but not least, the best element is that faculty members secure industrial consultancies in which students can take part and contribute. One of the branches of faculty with the best reputations, many of whom have received national recognition for their contributions to the technical aspect,  work in IEM. The academic members’ more than 2,000 research articles, more than 50 books, and 13 patents in the last three years provide proof of excellent academic skills. 

If you compare the above mentioned points with any other engineering college, you will find that the best quality education is provided at IEM Kolkata. 


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