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Goa is the smaller state in India. South Goa in India is famous for its beaches and tourism is its principal source of income.

Goa beaches extend for a length of 125 km. These beaches are split into North Goa beach and South Goa beach.

Goa has tourist activities which include sightseeing as well as river cruises. It is monitored by the Tourism Minister of India.

In Goa, there are numerous sports and activities which you will enjoy greatly.

South Goa sightseeing:

If you’re planning to Goa you must visit North Goa as well as South Goa, you will enjoy South Goa because there you can enjoy beaches, waterfalls forts, churches, forts, and many more.

The milky sea is the name given to Dudh Sagar waterfall which is situated in Mollem National Park and Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary. The turtles can be seen as well in their nests along beaches at Galgibaga beach as well as in the Category wildlife sanctuary inland. 

In Galgibaga Beach, you can go to Colva Beach which is well known as a white Sand Beach. If you are in Goa particularly in south Goa you must go to the famous temple of Shanta Durga temple, which is the largest temple in Santa Durga which is known as the goddess of peace. 

Also, there is another well-known temple of God Shiva “Mangyueshi Temple” The temple was constructed in the 17th century.

More places in Goa

Then, in South Goa, you can visit temples, beaches, and churches, and play numerous thrilling games similar to boat and jetski riding.

Starting point- Calangute

Endpoint- Shantadurga temple

In South Goa, it is possible to explore the wonders in Portuguese Architecture.

Visit the Basilica of Bom Jesus, one of the seven marvels of Portuguese heritage in the world.

The south Goa tour takes about 8 hours.

Experience the sights of the oldest churches, monuments, and temples.

North Goa sightseeing:

Goa has been divided into two areas. one of which is north Goa, and the other is south goa.

North Goa Spreading over 670 square miles is among the most sought-after destinations for tourists You can engage in a variety of things and enjoy the beauty of beaches, churches, and forts.

Start point BAGA

Duration – 9-10 hr

Attractions – Fort Aguada

North Goa is best known for its beaches, churches, and the temple of Boghdeshwara.


  • Calangute up to miramar beach

This is a beach that is short located in the south of Goa It is located close to Dona Paula. The beach is also known for its gasper dias.

  • Dona Paula

It is located at a height that you can view and witness the meeting point of the river zuari along with the Arabian sea. These water sports make this the most sought-after spot in the south of Goa.

  • Bom Jesus in the basilica

It is among goa’s oldest churches which is also listed as a world heritage site as well as one of the most beautiful goa baroque church structures.

  • St. cathedral

It is among the oldest religious sites in Goa that was constructed around the year 1630. It is the symbol of the rule of roman Catholics in Goa under the Portuguese. Portuguese was the biggest church in Asia.

  • Mangueshi temple

This temple was dedicated to Lord Shiva, which is among the most revered temples located in Goa built in the 17th century.

  • Shantadurga temple

The most luxurious temple of Mata Shanta Durga. She is the goddess of pieces and is also known for her gold palanquin.

  • River cruise

Watch the goa music and dance during the cruise. Here you can relax with your buddies and your family.

South Goa: Places to Visit in Goa’s south:

  • Miramar beach

– Bom Jesus

– Dona Paula jetty

The church is located in St. Cathedral church

– Mangeshi temple

– boat cruise

The above-mentioned locations are the highlight and the most popular attraction in Goa’s south. The above-mentioned places are the highlights and main attractions of south goa.


Start your journey/tour anywhere and then get an experienced tour guide to ensure an enhanced experience. The first stop is Miramar beach. There you will be able to feel the tranquility of the sea. After that, you must go to the Dona Paula where the major goa rivers meet. In the next step, go to the mangeshi temple, which was dedicated to Lord Shiva and is also the oldest temple in Goa. Also, you should visit the temple of Shanta Durga which is one of the richest temples.


To view the monuments from inside, you need to pay an entrance fee.

Be cautious around youngsters, particularly children under 5 years old, who could easily become distracted away from you.

The places mentioned above are among the most popular spots in south Goa and you must visit them at least once.

The full tour length is about 80km.


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