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Burj Khalifa


Glamour, glamour, and lots of luxury. This is the first thing that comes to mind when you consider Dubai. There are the highest buildings in the world, the largest shops, and the most luxurious experiences like The Burj Khalifa. It is big and extravagant. There are some differences from the west worth mentioning. These are six tips for first-time Dubai visitors to make the most out of their trip.

Because of Dubai’s futuristic atmosphere, and its glossy, Western facade, it is easy to forget you are on the Arabian Peninsula. 

The Culture of Dubai

The cultural norms of the United Arab Emirates are different from those in the West. A few too many drinks, or what may seem like a normal outfit for a night out can put you in a difficult spot. It’s a good idea not to drink alcohol in bars or wear western clothes.

Dubai’s two seasons are hot and very hot. Bad news for those tourists who have grown up exploring cities on foot: Dubai wasn’t designed for walking. It was designed for both driving and riders. Fly in a helicopter if you feel particularly extravagant.

The weekend in Dubai

This is right: Friday’s brunch marks the beginning of Dubai’s weekend. If you’re from the West, then you are probably used to weekends lasting from Sunday to Saturday. Dubai is unique in its approach to business. Emiratis work from Sunday to Thursday, and Friday and Saturday are weekends.

It takes less than 45 minutes to travel from Dubai’s towering towers to endless dunes. You don’t have to leave the city behind to explore the vastly deserted Arabian Desert. 

The activities in Dubai

Take a balloon ride to explore the sky and search for gazelles, sauntering cars, and emerald-green oases. If you prefer to be on the ground, consider a dune safari and sundown safari. No matter what you do, the desert will not let you down.

The Emiratis love to shop 

Even those who are staunch supporters of “shop til you drop,” will feel overwhelmed. Why? These huge malls have everything. Do you want stylish clothing? Check. Jewelry? Check. Check.

Would you rather climb the 829-meter highest structure on the globe? Learn how to purchase tickets for Burj Khalifa before you embark on an unforgettable trip to Dubai. Also, find out the pricing system, when and how to skip the same line, and if there are any combined bookings to other parks.

Dubai Beaches

The beaches of Dubai are beautiful and extremely hot. You should wait until winter before you head to the beaches. The temperature can reach 105 degrees (40° Celsius) between June and August. If you travel to Dubai in November or March, you are in luck. 

This is the time of year when it feels cool enough to relax on the beach. You can relax, jet ski, or parasail above the Arabian Sea. There are many exciting activities.

Two monitors are available to monitor the levels that are accessible to the public. They can also monitor the Lounge Area, the restaurants (Armani Deli, Burj club, As well as Atmosphere), as well as the Ultra-premium Hotel.

Floor 148 in the Sky Lounge

The 148th-floor SKY luxury lounge can be found at an elevation of 555m. If you purchase this ticket, you can gain access to the “At The Top” level.

First, general admission is required for entry

This self-guided tour allows you to enjoy stunning views from levels 125 & 124 at your own pace.

Second, Fast Track Entry

This Burj Khalifa ticket allows you to skip the long ticket line and simply move straight to the escalator. It will take you to the 124th or 125th level.

Option three is to combine a visit to the Top with a three-course lunch in the first Armani Hotel, Dubai.

The Burj Club, at the Top + Rooftop

Enjoy a 3-course set dinner at Rooftop, The Burj Club. You can enjoy al fresco dining while enjoying views of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Infinity Pool.

With just an outdoor terrace, you can visit the most spectacular viewing platform anywhere in the world. Enjoy free drinks and snacks in the SKY lounge.

VIP Lounge No. VIP Lounge No. 6 on Floor 154

Accessible to all, the VIP Seating is located on top of the Burj Khalifa. The VIP Lounge is only accessible to those who have arrived at the Burj Khalifa by 4 o’clock in the afternoon just before sunset.

You can make your Dubai trip even more memorable by combining your Burj Khalifa ticket with tickets for other theme parks. There are many combination tickets that you can book if you are interested in learning more about Dubai.



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