Brown Composite Fencing – The Top Choice for Discreet Fencing


When most people think about fencing, they probably picture an eye-catching picket fence or an imposing brick wall. However, these are not the only choices available to homeowners and business owners looking to enclose or divide up their property. An increasingly popular option is composite fencing—a practical material that comes in the color of your choice and blends into your surroundings, giving you a more natural appearance without sacrificing on durability or privacy. If you’re thinking about using brown composite fencing in your yard or at your business, here are some things you should know about it.

How to Care for Your Fence

Maintaining a brown composite fence is straightforward, but you’ll need to make sure it’s done on a regular basis to ensure your fence lasts. At a minimum, you’ll want to inspect your fence yearly and look out for any loose screws, splinters or gaps in your structure. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for weeds growing into your fence and remove them as they grow. Also note that you may need to coat your brown composite fence with varnish or stain after cleaning it once or twice per year (depending on where you live). While that sounds like a lot of work, it should only take an hour or two each year, depending on how many fences you have and their size.

What is a Composite Fence?

A composite fence is made up of more than one material. These fences can include a base, panels and rails that are different materials; or they may be one unit in which each part is made up of a composite material. Made up of wood fiber, plastic and resins, composite fencing provides strength and durability while also meeting your design needs. Whether you want a natural wood look or something more modern and innovative, composite fencing is an excellent choice to give you exactly what you’re looking for without sacrificing quality. Unifloor®, an industry leader in composite fencing products, offers brown fence panels with both traditional and modern styles to choose from. Our products are created with high-quality materials designed to keep them looking great over time.

Advantages of Composite Gates

What Are They? Composite gates are an excellent choice for a number of reasons. One advantage that is immediately apparent is how attractive they are. They can be made to match almost any fence or even to match multiple fences placed next to one another. Aside from their appearance, composite fencing also makes an excellent choice because it does not rust and will not warp or crack in extremely cold temperatures or when it is exposed to direct sunlight. It also has high impact strength and is safe enough to use around children and pets. Because composite fencing lasts longer than other types, you’ll get more value out of your investment while also reducing costs over time.

Differences between Vinyl and Wood

Both Vinyl and wood are popular materials used to create fences, but they each offer their own strengths and weaknesses. Vinyl is known as an economical option; it’s easy to maintain, waterproof, and relatively lightweight. Wood, on the other hand, is generally more expensive than vinyl. However, it does have a natural appearance that many homeowners prefer. Both materials come in a variety of colors to suit different tastes, as well as privacy options for areas with large windows or prying eyes. If you live in an area with extreme weather patterns, wooden fencing may be your best option—it’s not nearly as susceptible to damage from water or heat exposure.

Styles of Horizontal Board-On-Board Vertical Board Fences

There are several popular styles of horizontal board-on-board fences, including faux-railing style and capped style. Many consumers also enjoy vertical board fencing as it provides a lot of character with their natural wood grain appearance. This type of fence is more typically used in rural areas rather than cities due to its rustic feel and aesthetic. In addition, you can choose from white, gray or brown composite materials in any style fence that’s right for your property. At Unifloor, we strive to offer a variety of choices so you can shop according to your personal tastes.

Styles of Vertical Board -On-Board Fences

Unifloor’s selection of composite fencing comes in a variety of styles and designs. This enables you to select from several different types of board on board fence styles that will fit your style, budget and landscaping perfectly. Unifloor fence systems come in both smooth and picket style boards, so you can be certain there is something to suit your taste. Board-on-board fencing also allows you to customize your fencing project by choosing between natural or stained boards; allowing you to match it to any existing elements in your yard or add color depending on what kind of look you are going for.


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