6 High Paying Jobs With Low Education Requirements 


If you wish to start your career sooner or don’t want to spend a lot of money and time in school, there are many options you can choose from. Many high-paying jobs require you to have a high school degree and additional specialized training in the related field to the job.

Moreover, some of these jobs pay more than what graduates end up earning. While you may not need a four-year degree to open up your path to a successful career, you do need education. 

The jobs we are about to discuss in this reticle require an associate degree, or other certifications to get you started on your career.  

Licensed Practical Nurse

This job pays around $48,820 per year and doesn’t require a college degree to get you started. You can attend an accredited program to get the necessary medical training.

Licensed practical nurses work alongside assisting doctors and registered nurses (who require a bachelor’s degree) to help with patient care. The work requires you to take vital signs of a patient, complete paperwork, and guide on medications.

Occupational Therapy Assistant

You need an associate degree to work as an occupational therapist and earn around $60,950 a year. They work alongside therapists and doctors to help with patient care in hospitals, therapy offices, and nursing homes.

It’s all about helping people learn and practice skills to live and work. But most people reach out to an occupational therapist after suffering a work injury.


You can work in many areas of construction with a high school diploma such as heavy equipment operator. They control machines like bulldozers, forklifts, backhoes, and hydraulic cranes.

If you work in this role, you will come across tasks like excavating grounds, transporting building materials, and paying for roads. You can earn up to $24 per hour. 

Truck Driver

There are different types of drivers whose salaries vary with the region as well. One Of the examples of high-paying intermodal trucking jobs is working as a team driver. It is based on high-speed, long-range load delivery.

The team consists of two members usually in the same truck who drive in shifts to keep the load moving for up to twenty-four hours a day. Such high-speed divers earn more as they reach the destination faster. The annual salary of a team driver is around $96,573.

Real Estate Agent

This is another high-paying job that requires a school diploma and the license requirements vary according to your state. Real estate agents work with clients and help them sell and buy properties. This job is commission based and you can put in more time to grow your business.

If you enjoy interacting with people in general and know about sales, then this option could also be for you. The average annual salary for a real estate agent is around $51,220.

Web Developer

Since technology has advanced and almost every field needs digital representation in the form of a website or another social media platform. Web developers can earn up to $77,200 by blending technical and creative skills to create a website.

It is a high-demand job that you can find in a variety of businesses or work as a freelancer according to your schedule.


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