5 Tips on Roof Repair to Avoid Roof Replacement for Commercial Roofs


The commercial roof repair cost in Texas is much lower than replacing a part or the whole roof. With regular maintenance and other preventive measures, one can avoid a complete roof replacement. Every damage to the roof does not mean it will require extensive repairs. Many need minor fixes, which the building manager can do. However, even in these cases, it is better to have it checked by a roof inspector to ensure that there are no more severe damages. 

Here are 5 tips on roof repair to avoid roof replacement for commercial roofs

Roof repair is an integral part of roof maintenance. Thus, it would help if you did not ignore even the slightest signs of damage and must not postpone their repairs. A commercial roof is the least noticed aspect of the building. Also, in the bustle of everyday activities, it is easy to overlook or forget about them. 

Commercial roof maintenance

Regular preventative commercial roof maintenance will prolong the life of the roof and keep it looking fresh and new. Routine maintenance services are part of roof repair cost in Texas as the roofing company will examine any other issues and repair them. Thus, the chances of major repair works are significantly reduced. 

Common signs that the roof needs repair

You must check the entire roofing system to avoid roof replacement after storms, heavy rains, or heavy snowfall. These elements can damage the roof coatings and cause issues such as –

  • Leakage
  • Debris accumulation
  • Water pooling
  • Cracked, curled, or missing shingles, 
  • Leakage or moisture accumulation
  • Roof aging

Regular roof inspections

Hire the services of a reliable commercial roof repair company to inspect the interior roofing system. The inspector will check for visible signs of corrosion, structural defects, types of metal fasteners, and any signs of ponding on the roof. Roofing inspectors will spot problems early and recommend the best solutions. Their reports are essential for filing insurance claims and meeting the regulatory standards. 

Immediate repairs that you cannot postpone

When water enters underneath the roof surface, it damages the insulation and decking. If these are not checked, the roofing system will continue to deteriorate, making it impossible to save any part of the roof. Commercial roof leaks are susceptible, considering the nature of the use of the building. Other than the damage to the goods and equipment in the building, extensive repairs may mean one has to shut down operations in the entire building or even part of it, which could lead to further losses. 

Some issues that one should regularly check for and have fixed – 

  • Punctures or holes in the roofing material
  • Open seams
  • Water ponds or stagnant water in any part of the roof
  • Loosening of fasteners
  • Caulking cracks and shrinks
  • Blisters on the roof are bubbles on the roof’s surface.

Install walk pads on the roof

Walk pads are thick rubber material pieces that are laid out or interlocked with the roof’s surface. If the roof experiences regular foot traffic, then walk pads will absorb some of the pressure and protect the roof. Also, these will cover the roof surface in rough weather or case of any pests or rodent infestation.  With these measures and mindfulness, one can avoid roof replacement and prolong the commercial roof’s life for years. 


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