Which Movies Download Sites Are Legitimate?


When traveling and internet speeds are slow, downloading movies for offline viewing can be an ideal solution. Just be sure that any website you choose is legal and not fraudulent!

Below is a selection of some of the top movie download websites online like Moviesda. These websites regularly update and offer users a smooth movie downloading experience.


YouTube is an invaluable way to access videos anytime you wish – for free and without needing anything more than an Internet connection on either a PC or smartphone.

Netflix also boasts an expansive library of films to watch – many are free! And you can download them to watch offline whenever it suits you best.

But some YouTube movies may contain content you do not wish to watch, such as those featuring explicit images and words. This may especially apply if they contain such material as explicit violence.

If you find that a movie you purchased from YouTube does not satisfy, requesting a refund can be done quickly through their purchasing process and money will be promptly refunded back into your account.

Internet Archive

If you love movies, the Internet Archive is an incredible place to discover classic and rare gems that don’t exist elsewhere online. Additionally, here you can legally download movies to stream or store on your device.

The Internet Archive is a non-profit that gathers books, music, software and other digital media and makes them freely accessible to the public. Additionally, they maintain the Wayback Machine web archive to save pages from specific time periods.

Although its main goal is preserving the internet, the Internet Archive also collects millions of books and other forms of media content that is available online through libraries and universities.


Movies2Movies is one of the premier and reliable places online for downloading movies safely and ad-free. Their large library of content is regularly updated. Plus they offer great features, such as an impressive selection of subtitles in various languages and a multi-lingual search feature, making finding what you’re looking for easy.

Furthermore, you can save downloaded movies for offline viewing on iOS devices or Amazon Fire tablets that have Movies Anywhere installed; just remember to login once every 90 days otherwise it will be deleted from your device and they won’t remain there forever if not logged in or else they will be deleted from your device forever if not logged in at least once every 90 days or else deleted altogether from your device permanently!


Movies4Mom is an easy and accessible website designed for downloading movies from Hollywood. With its minimalist interface and friendly features, even those unfamiliar with computers will have no trouble using Movies4Mom to their full advantage. Browse a vast library of movies and television shows available through this site, plus discover a few unique features not found elsewhere. As an example, this app boasts a special feature which enables you to watch movies offline without using your cell data or wifi, making it ideal for travel and on-the-go usage. Plus, saving movies to your collection allows for later watching when your internet connectivity improves!


123Movies is an easily navigable video streaming website offering thousands of movies for free streaming. Designed to be user-friendly, 123Movies features genre selection as well as search functions and filters to help find exactly what you’re searching for.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that 123Movies is illegal in many countries as it distributes copyrighted content without permission and generates revenue through ads which could contain malware or be inappropriate for some audiences.

There are legal and safe alternatives to 123Movies that provide similar content but without sharing copyrighted material. These websites operate similarly but do not share copyrighted files.