What Kind of Bun Should You Use for Sliders?


Who doesn’t love a good, cheesy slider for lunch or dinner? If made right, they taste heavenly and are hard to stop munching on. But the type of bun you use, plays a huge role in the final taste and the quality of sliders. Therefore, choosing the right bun is one of the many tricks to excel at making them just right. 

How to Find the Right Bun for a Slider? 

A slider bun is usually 2.5 inches in size and is finely tender. The crumbs of these buns are soft but they do not fall apart easily. Moreover, they come with a slight sweetness to them as well. The squishy and tender bun is capable of holding onto the juices of the burger, patty and other sauces that you add to it. Therefore, choosing the right bun for a perfectly made slider is very crucial. It shouldn’t be too soft or too  stiff to kill the joy of a slider, in all. 

What are the Best Types of Buns for Sliders?

The experts use some specific types of buns for sliders. Kaiser buns, sesame seed buns and inner roll buns are the top three choices that are widely opted for, when making sliders. Brioche bread is also one of the top choices for sliders but it is quite expensive. Thus, everyone is unable to get their hands on it. Depending on your budget, you can choose any of the above. 

Yet again, the ideal slider bun must be tender and soft but tight enough to hold the ingredients together. 

Best Bread for Pulled Pork Sandwiches:

If you love sliders, you ought to love pulled pork sandwiches too. They are juicy and absolutely scrumptious. If you are planning to make one for the weekend, you can opt for the following bread options. They are a popular choice! 

  • Ciabatta bread is an Italian bread with a very soft and airy middle which makes the sandwich super juicy and delicious. 
  • Brioche bread is a popular choice for these sandwiches. 
  • Kaiser rolls or kaiser buns are a great pick too. They make you hungry for more. 
  • Naan or potato buns can also be used for pulled pork sandwiches if you are trying to create something unique and different. 

Depending upon your taste and requirements, you can pick bread for the pulled pork sandwiches. We highly recommend kaiser buns as they are a little less expensive than brioche bread. But yet again, it comes down to your personal taste preferences too. 

Which is the Best Slider Recipe?

You can get innumerable recipes for chicken and beef sliders online. Try different ones and you are certainly going to find one that hits your taste buds just right. 


In the end, a perfectly made slider is not dependent on the recipe entirely. The bun you use, plays a huge role in bringing it all together. Thus, choose your slider bun wisely and then pick a recipe to get started.