What is the importance of degree certificate attestation in India?


Define degree Attestation in simple language

A degree certificate comes under the educational document’s category. This is one of the essential documents that is needed for visa purposes. All the educational details are written on it. The degree is proof that tells the person has completed graduation in this year. The marks of the candidate, year of passing, name, unique ID number, and all other details.

Many authorities do the attestation of the degree certificate. The documents are attested by a notary, SDM, MEA, and Embassy. Final attestation of documents is done by the Ministry of External Affairs for all the Hague member countries. The documents when attested can be used in a foreign country. Attested documents are regarded as legal and valid in other countries. 

Define Attestation Stamp

An attestation stamp is a simple way to legalize a document. To tell the foreign country that the documents are checked with utmost care. To let the foreign country, know that all the details mentioned in the certificate are true. The attestation stamp adds authenticity to the document. The document is now ready to use abroad as now it is a foreign public document.

Why does a person need to have a degree attestation certificate?

There are several reasons that make the degree attestation certificate important.

  • The person who wants to get a work visa.
  • The applicants who want to go abroad for higher studies.
  • An individual who wants to relocate to a foreign country. Further, has applied for a permanent resident visa.

Documents that a person requires for a degree certificate attestation in India

There are a few documents needed for a degree certificate attestation in India.

  • An original degree certificates.
  • Marksheets of all the year (Photocopy).
  • Front- and last-page photocopy of the passport
  • A photocopy of the driving license

Why does a person need to attest to a degree certificate?

Getting a degree certificate attested is an essential step. Let’s see some of the reasons for that:

  • To legalize a normal certificate: The degree certificate when gets attested, then it is considered a lawful document. This lawful certificate tells that the certificate is thoroughly checked. All the marks, college, school, and all other information is accurate. There are some jobs that accept attested degree certificates. For all those jobs, attestation of a degree certificate is important. 
  • To use in a foreign country: The attested degree certificate is essential for use abroad. Foreign countries do not know whether the documents are real or fake. When the document is attested then they feel safe. Further, they come to know that these certificates are real and original. 
  • To get a visa to a specified country: To get the visa various documents are attested. The documents depend on the country where the visa is applied. The MEA attests to the documents that are to be sent to a foreign country. A sticker with a unique number is placed on the document. With this, the certificate can be checked online.
  • Compulsory for Hague nations: The documents such as personal or educational both are attested. The Hague countries have made the apostille sticker/stamp compulsory to add authenticity. This sticker and stamp help them to know that these are legalized documents. The apostille saves the time of a person and country. 

What are the steps that a person has to follow to get a degree certificate attestation in 


The steps to apply for a degree certificate attestation in India is simple. However, there are 3-4 authorities involved so expertise is needed.

  • Notary Attestation: The documents are sent to the notary for attestation. The notary verifies each and every document along with the supporting documents. When the documents are verified then the notary attests to the document.
  • SDM/State Attestation: Further, to complete the attestation process. The documents are sent to SDM or State for attestation. From any one of the departments, the certificate is examined. After that, a stamp is put on the certificate to complete this step of attestation.
  • Ministry of External Affairs: This is an essential step as all foreign matters are handled by this ministry. The documents here are checked with every small detail in mind. The Ministry of External affairs puts a sticker on the document. 

The sticker is placed so that the foreign country knows all the written details are correct. This is the last step for all Hague nations. Additionally, for the Hague convention abolishing countries also is the final step.

  • Embassy Attestation: This step is done for all non-member countries. Moreover, for those nations who demanded an embassy attestation. In this, all original certificates and a photocopy is submitted with the specified fees. When the investigation of documents is completed. Then, they are sealed and stamped by the embassy. 

What are the charges a person has to pay to get the degree certificate apostille?

There are some charges that a person has to pay for a degree certificate apostille. There are no fixed expenses that an applicant has to pay. The charges vary with the apostille service fees, and embassy fees. Further, the payments that are done at each level of attestation also affect charges. Ask a genuine and reliable apostille service about the charges that need to pay for degree certificate apostille.

Does the degree certificate attestation have any validity?

Every government-attested document has a certain validity. The degree certificate attestation also has some validity. The degree attestation documents are valid for 6 months in most cases. Although, some countries might accept a document that has passed the period of 6 months from the issuing date. An apostille service can check the document and certificate. Then they can guide you about the attested degree certificate validity.

Can a person get the MEA attestation of degree certificate themselves?

The answer is no, it is not possible now to get the MEA attestation yourself. Now, the document gets MEA attestation by a trustworthy apostille service. Before 2012, a person was allowed to go to the Ministry of External Affairs for attestation. However, due to a greater number of applicants reaching there. Now, only service providers are allowed for degree certificate attestation in India.


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