What is Air Quality Meter?


The Air Quality Meter measures and keeps environmental data, including temperature, humidity, illuminance, CO2 content, and TVOC concentration. The Air Quality Meter calculates the air’s dew point, absolute humidity, and water vapor content. The Air Quality Meter is used for desk-bound monitoring of laboratories, greenhouses, medicine and food stores, museums, etc.

The air can comprise components above a positive concentration, interior and outdoors, endanger health or impair the walking of specific processes. Suitable air quality meters make it viable to detect the content of those substances within the air and provoke appropriate measures if necessary. Many air quality meters for tracking indoor air have an optical or acoustic alarm function or a color-rated display. 

This way, room users are speedily warned when the values are too excessive and do not have to continuously pay attention to the changing numerical values. Air quality meters which can be installed within the places where the measured price can not be studied at the measuring factor, transmit the measured data to the external display devices or the computer systems.

Measurable parameters

Air quality meters frequently range withinside the kind and variety of the measurable parameters. The measuring tiers and accuracies for the identical parameter can also vary significantly among exceptional devices. Commonly decided measured parameters include: Carbon dioxide (CO2), formaldehyde (CH2O or HCHO), volatile natural compounds (TVOC), and particulate remember content. 

In addition, nearly all air quality meters can determine temperature and humidity. Because of their direct and indirect effects on the surroundings and fitness, the values for ozone, nitrogen dioxides, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, soot, lead, benzene, and different air pollutants also are monitored via way of means of the authorities. For this purpose, the federal states have installed measuring stations in regions with high traffic density and rural areas. 

There, various air quality meters record the information for evaluation and documentation. Some of the measurement data may be retrieved from the websites of the responsible state offices. The acceptable dirt content is typically given as particle amount in µg/m³ for the described particle sizes. In the case of PM1 / PM2.5 / PM 10, the PM stands for Particulate Matter, i.e., fine dirt, irrespective of its material composition. The quantity in every case stands for the most particle size of the recorded particles. The different particle sizes have distinctive effects on the respiratory tract. They are consequently measured individually and compared with the respective limit values. In addition to the three sizes already mentioned, there are numerous different gradations for the particle size.

Memory and interfaces withinside the air quality meter

Suppose the values are to be recorded over longer intervals of time with the air quality meter for documentation and evaluation. In that case, it’s crucial to consider the storage options. Some incredible air meters shop best only a few values, and not each model has an interface to switch the saved statistics digitally. It is crucial to test whether the supposed evaluations are popularly feasible with the data held by a specific device.

Air incredible meters for recreation rooms

Many people spend an enormous part of the day interior. Depending on the room’s furnishings and the intensity of its use, alarming degrees of CO2, formaldehyde, and unstable organic compounds from solvents may be reached quickly. The hazard of contamination within the case of the infectious sicknesses that may be transmitted through the air we breathe is likewise a better interior than outdoors. 

Air quality meters allow the opportunity to reveal the values and ventilate in time if necessary. Air quality meters that, as a minimum, determine the carbon dioxide content and the temperature and humidity of the indoor air are recommended for controlling the air great withinside the living rooms, offices, lecture rooms, and comparable spaces. The carbon dioxide content may be used as a guide value for the hazardous materials from the breathing air. 

If the CO2 fee rises above the required guideline value, it has to be decreased once more using airflow. This applies to rooms with window airflow and those with airflow systems. The airflow machine must be checked and readjusted if the CO2 value often rises above the accepted value despite the routinely controlled mechanical room airflow.

Air quality meters for measurements outside buildings

Traffic, heating systems, enterprise, agriculture, and herbal processes produce considerable air pollution. Their concentration and distribution are recorded at decided-on factors by unique air exceptional meters. The populace is warned if sure limit values, such as ozone, are exceeded. If the other measured values are repeated or constantly exceeded, spatially constrained measures, including driving bans for certain motor automobiles, may be initiated. Those measures’ success must be reflected within the long-term development of the measured values.

Air quality meters for work and manufacturing sites

Air quality is likewise important withinside the flow of many biological, chemical and bodily processes. For example, withinside the production, processing, and storage of meals, exactly described conditions need to be maintained so that goods such as yogurt and cheese may be created and meals may be saved for an extended time.

 There also are high requirements for the purity of the ambient air in the production of digital components, chemical substances, and pharmaceuticals. At those stationary workplaces, wholly set up air quality meters that may transmit the size data to primary stations are commonly used. Often, the current size information from those air quality meters may take instant countermeasures if a parameter’s values aren’t within the range. 

At different workplaces, the work process might also launch extended stages of lovely dust or debris that might be particularly dangerous to health. In those cases, mobile air quality meters can assist in assessing the state of affairs at the release point.


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