What are steel toe boots and when should they be worn?


Are your workers exposed to chemicals or abrasive products during their daily work? If so, then you cannot neglect your personal protective equipment, which, in addition to consisting of a uniform, must include the appropriate footwear. Regarding the latter, it is important that you choose steel toe boots, but what are these types of boots for and what advantages do they offer. Here we tell you, so you can choose the best model and ensure the safety of your work team! 

What are safety boot toes used for?

The toes of boots or work shoes serve to protect the feet of your workers against impacts. That way if something falls on them, be it a heavy, sharp object or a dangerous liquid, the toe cap will prevent the toes from being crushed or severed.

It is not that any type of toe cap can be placed in the footwear, they must follow the current regulations. Thus, the impact resistance must be greater than 200J, which is achieved with toecaps made of one of 3 materials: steel, aluminum or a mixture of composite resins.

Why prefer steel toe caps?

Steel toe caps have proven their worth over the years, that’s why they’re our favorite for your workers. In addition, despite the fact that it may be believed that it is a heavy material, the truth is that it is not, in fact, they are quite light, comfortable and offer the same level of protection required. This type of toecap can protect against:

  • Cuts
  • Hits
  • Perforations

Another benefit of preferring shoes steel toe safety is that they are considerably cheaper than other models.

TEENRO industrial safety boots are what you need

As you can see, there are many benefits of buying safety boots with steel toes. Teenro offers models with this feature, with ISO certified metal tips and according to current European standards; In addition, these work boots offer many more benefits to their users, for example:

  • They are light models and resistant to hydrocarbons, fats and oils.
  • All boots have been manufactured with certified polymers.
  • They have a wide cane, which prevents chafing on the fingers.
  • They have an internal stocking made of hypoallergenic polyester.
  • They have a non-slip sole with a ribbed design with energy absorption in the heel.

Ergonomic thermoformed comfort insole that offers excellent absorption of sweat and energy, as well as an antibacterial activated carbon capsule. 


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