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baked potato soup paula deen

We all know that soups are very healthy in nature. No matter what is your age, you will definitely enjoy a bowl of soup. This is also an excellent source of nutrition for kids who are most of the time fussy eaters. Sometimes it becomes very hard for the parents to make them eat anything. In such situations, this type of method is of great use. The consistency of the soup can be adjusted according to the taste preference of the person. Some may like thick soups, while others may prefer something which is more plain or flat in consistency. It is a great food which can be added to the menu when one is suffering from fever, cold or other related illness. It immediately provides a great boost of energy to the body and also helps the body to recover at a faster rate. Thus, by now, it is quite evident that it is a superfood which should be consumed by all. The baked potato soup paula deen recipe is quite a famous one. It has great popularity throughout the world. Let us discuss about some more aspects of the recipe here.

Now, let us look into the recipe of this baked potato soup paula deenFrom the name itself it is evident that one of the main constituents of this dish is potato. The potato is added in large amounts in this dish. Most of us like potatoes a lot. As a result we will also enjoy this delicacy to a great extent. The dish also contains bacon. This is surely good news for all the non-vegetarians out there. This is because from the name of the dish, we might at first think that it is made up of vegetarian ingredients only. Though the term potato is mentioned in the name of the recipe, the word bacon cannot be found anywhere. Hence, it is difficult to assume in the beginning that it has non-vegetarian ingredients too. It also contains chicken broth. This makes the recipe very delicious and also adds to its nutrition value. Thus, the chicken broth and bacon are really a plus point for the people who are completely non-vegetarians in nature. It also contains some onions, which enriches the taste. Then it contains different types of cheese and sour creams. The consistency is usually adjusted with the help of flour. If you want a thin or flat consistency, then you can add very little amount of flour. This type of consistency is required when we are giving the dish to toddlers. They may not prefer thick soups. In the same way, if you want a consistency that is thick in nature, then you should add more amount of flour to the soup. You have to continue stirring as the flour gradually gets cooked. In this way, we can adjust the required thickness according to our preference. The other ingredients that are present in this baked potato soup paula deen recipe are flakes of parsley that are dried, chives and lastly salt and pepper. These are added according to the preference of the individual. In case of babies’ salt is usually avoided below the age of one year. In the case of children above the age of one year, very little amount of salt can be added, just for taste. Pepper is added according to the liking of the child. Some may like it with a lot of pepper but others may dislike it completely. In case of adults, it can be added in any quantities as per your wish.

Now, let us briefly discuss about the nutritional value of this recipe. From all the ingredients discussed above, it is quite evident that it is rich in a variety of nutrients. It is a very healthy recipe in every way for people of every age. It is very important for kids and old people. It contains a good amount of carbohydrates which is very essential for giving energy to the body. It also contains a decent amount of protein which is also very important for the body. Protein is considered as a body-building food. It is very important when people are suffering from fever or other related diseases. The protein provides the body enough strength to heal and hence enhances the rate at which the body recovers. Because of this fact, the doctors also recommend that patients should consume soup during illnesses. Growing children also require a good amount of protein and carbohydrates. Thus, the soup should be incorporated into their diet regularly. The soup is also a source of fat. Thus, from this discussion, it is quite evident that this soup can be considered as a bowl that is full of valuable nutrients. Therefore, the baked potato soup paula deenrecipe is an excellent choice for most of us.

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Thus, in this article we have discussed the very famous baked potato soup paula deen recipe. This is definitely a great recipe which everyone must try out at their home. We may also incorporate some modification to this recipe according to our personal preference and liking. For example, we can change the type of cheese that is being used. As we all know, there are many types of cheese that are available in the market and each one of us may have a particular preference. In that case, we can add that particular one into the recipe. In the same way, we can also increase or decrease the quantity of other ingredients as per our choice. Some people may not like potatoes, in that case, they can surely decrease the quantity of potato that is added to the recipe. Some may like bacon a lot, in that case, they can add a whole lot of bacon in their recipe. If you enjoy having chicken broth, adjust its concentration in the recipe accordingly.But we must try to maintain the appropriate proportion at least to some extent. Otherwise, we may not get the distinct taste of this soup.


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