1 Year UPSC Coaching in Delhi With Tathastu ICS


Delhi is an ideal city to pursue your IAS ambitions with several reputable coaching centres and teachers having deep expertise of the exam, providing mock tests and personalized guidance.

Rau’s IAS Study Circle offers various IAS courses, such as the General Studies Integrated Course and UPSC Interview Program. Their mentors conduct doubt clearing sessions as well as offer feedback on test performance.

If you want to pursue 1 year UPSC coaching in Delhi, opt Tathastu ICS by Dr. Tanu Jain. 

Customized Courses

Civil services examination can be an intense and demanding journey, yet its path can be made much simpler with expert training and support from coaching centers in Delhi such as IAS coaching centres for aspirants to the civil services exam. Selecting a suitable course and institute is crucial in giving yourself every possible chance at passing prelims, mains and interviews successfully.

Tathastu ICS stands out as an institution offering expert guidance to aspirants aiming for IAS examinations. Students may select from various courses offered at Tathastu, including Prelims crash course, degree plus UPSC coaching and optional subject guidance. Tathastu also provides online resources that provide additional study materials or flexibility during preparations.

Experienced teachers and mentors at the institute are dedicated to helping their students meet their goals. Utilizing innovative teaching methods and traditional techniques, their success rates for passing civil services examinations is high – many students make the top ranks like Dr Tanu Jain who made IAS officer on her third attempt in preliminary examination. Her story illustrates the value of rigorous preparation and discipline while earning her degree degree.


Bachelor of arts degrees can be more beneficial in preparation for UPSC examinations than science and commerce degrees. Humanities subjects like history and political science are popular choices that will boost performance on general studies papers of the exam.

Tathastu ICS tailors its curriculum to meet the specific needs of students preparing to take the civil services exam, offering customized courses and personalized guidance to ensure you succeed in the exam. Their highly qualified faculty offers regular doubt clearing sessions; in addition, guest lectures by senior bureaucrats as well as motivational talks are also hosted there.

The academy provides several distinct courses, such as its Foundation Course, Prelims-cum-Mains Course and Optional Subject Course. The foundation course is intended for those starting their preparations from scratch and covers all basic concepts associated with the exam; prelims-cum-mains covers more extensive material for both exams; while optional subject offers an intensive session allowing you to specialize in an area and provide you with an opportunity to meet Dr. Tanu Jain, an IAS alumnus and former civil servant – plus it gives students access to Dr Tanu Jain’s knowledge – plus it boasts many toppers among its alumni alumni!


Students of this academy often comment positively about its engaging classroom sessions and opportunities to clear any doubts, as well as receiving well-structured study materials and personalized guidance to further their preparations for UPSC CSE examination. Teachers here possess advanced degrees with extensive expertise across various subjects – and have vast experience educating and mentoring students for UPSC CSE examination.

First IAS Institute is one of the oldest Delhi-based UPSC coaching centers, established in 1992. Since then, it has earned a stellar track record with the highest selection ratio. Furthermore, the academy prides itself on offering small batch sizes and one-on-one mentorship – not to mention having former civil servant faculty that brings practicality and credibility into play!

Elite IAS Academy is another highly renowned coaching institute for IAS exams in India, providing personalized guidance to its students. It boasts a strong success rate with many graduates becoming IAS officers; their curriculum is customized specifically for each student so that they understand all material well before sitting their examinations; additionally, Elite provides test series and mock exams as an aid for preparation.

This academy is run by a team of specialists with vast experience in IAS preparation and are knowledgeable of any changes or innovations in the civil services exam. Their commitment is evidenced by many students achieving top ranks on their IAS examination.

Test Series

The Institute offers comprehensive programs to prepare students for the Civil Services Examination. These programs include classroom lectures, study material and regular assessments. Teachers at the Institute possess in-depth knowledge of both its syllabus and pattern for this examination; additionally they offer students extensive guidance and mentorship services.

The Institute offers many course options for students, such as prelims crash course and degree plus UPSC coaching, in addition to specialized preparation for various optional subjects. Their teaching methodology meets the needs of those preparing for CSE, while former bureaucrat mentors add credibility and real world perspective into coaching sessions.

The Institute offers various online resources to supplement classroom instruction, providing convenient study on-the-go and providing a flexible learning environment. Furthermore, practice tests that simulate actual exams allow you to assess your strengths and weaknesses as you prepare for exams; one-on-one mentoring and doubt clearance sessions are available as well as regular updates of current affairs material to stay ahead of competition – you can find out more by visiting its website.