Traditional and Historical Aspects of a Dirndl Dress 

Dirndl Dress 

From work clothing to a fashion trend – the incredible journey of a Dirndl dress is iconic and spans centuries. Centuries of tradition, innovation, and practicality have worked side by side to fashion the German Dirndl dress as we know it today. 

Oktoberfest season is just around the corner, and with it, the international season for Dirndls and Lederhosen is also in full swing.  Ideally, many people are familiar with a Dirndl and its link to the Oktoberfest, but most people don’t know where these feminine and traditional outfits originate from? 

Let’s take a look and provide you an insight into what will be the hip-trend in this year’s Oktoberfest and Beerfest. 

Traditional Dirndl Dress – Not All Bavarian Dirndl Dress Are Same

As with many other outfits, Dirndls have different versions and traditions in different parts of the Alpine region. Each region has its own story, history, and traditional dresses. Different parts of the area, be it Upper Bavaria, Allgau and Franconia, differ in their dress traditions. Sometimes distinct customs and traditional dresses are preserved within individual regions. 

When you think about Dirndl and Lederhosen, you might only think about the Upper Bavarian traditional dress. But there is more to this too; in fact, there are six versions of a traditional mountain dress, namely:

  • Berchtesgaden traditional dress
  • Chiemgau traditional dress
  • Inntal traditional dress 
  • Isarwinkel traditional dress
  • Miesbach traditional dress
  • Werdenfels traditional dress

Still, none of these can claim the correct Bavarian traditional dress title. 

At Dirndl Online Shop our designers make detailed researches on the Dirndl dresses and their history, to create master pieces that are known for their bold style statement. 

Traditional Dirndl

Dirndls are centuries-old traditional garments, yet they are impossible to forget in modern fashion trends. Initially, a maid’s uniform who served at either royal courts or the farms. The hardwearing nature of the outfit is due to its study material; back in the time, linen and cotton fabrics were used to make a blouse. Dirndl dress also used the same fabric but in different colors. 

The apron is an essential part of the ensemble, made from bed linen – the piece that completes a Dirndl dress. 

The simple nature of the dress changed in the 1930s: The upper class discovered the Dirndl and partially redesigned it to be suitable for the city dwellers. The Dirndl became polished, colorful, elaborate, and feminine. 

Dirndl Online Shop – Dirndl Trends of 2021

Dirndls are all the rage this year. Many versions of the traditional dress have made a frenzy in the market, especially when Oktoberfest is around the corner. The dresses in 2021 are more personalized and versatile, so it isn’t easy to categorize them. 

A low neckline can go well with the traditional Dirndl as a pretzel goes with a sausage (Yummy).  Still, high neckline blouses are as much popular as authentic Dirndls. 

In the same way, the dresses are getting shorter in 2021. When you talk about a traditional Dirndl, it usually ends one jug length above the ground, but no one likes to wear such a long skirt these days. Mini Dirndls are above the knee and very popular with young women in the past few years. 

The designers at Dirndl Online Shop are experimenting with fabrics, colors, lengths, and styles of the outfit. Creating pieces that are constantly pushing the limitations of the bygone era. The models made out of pure silk, brocade, lace, and jeans are making their place in designer Dirndls. 

The different fabrics require different care, so a traditional Dirndl made from cotton is still quite popular for people who prefer an easy-care dress. 

How to Combine a Dirndl?

There is no limit to possibilities of combining a Dirndl, a flair of fabrics, colors, and types make possible combinations endless. The old-school limitations have been revoked in recent times when it comes to Dirndls. Take the blouse, for example, and it no longer has to be white; you can add different color accents to it. 

Footwear is also not limited to few choices these days; women are freer to choose from options than ever before. There were strict fashion regulations back in the day in regards to socks, shoes, and tights. Haferlschuh shoes are still in popular demand today, but the Dirndl footwear has expanded to more fashionist block heels, court shoes, ballerinas, or stilettoes. 

You can also wear some vintage or rustic jewelry to spice up your Dirndl look. Pair your Dirndls with some pearls, and you are good to go. 

Combining Present and the Past – Oktoberfest Outfits 

Tradition and innovation are two ends of the same rope. The marriage between past and present shows in the traditional Oktoberfest outfits 2021. Taking the love of your past and incorporating it with the cutting-edge fashion of today’s world – an idea that perfectly describes the Dirndl dresses of today. Birth of a new timeless classic. 

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