Top Best places in Dubai for family members to visit


Dubai, one of the most happening cities in UAE, must be visited at least once in a lifetime. Want to know how to make your Dubai vacation an unforgettable experience? Compile a list of recreational activities that you can do to enjoy your trip and make the most out of your Dubai holiday! This place is not just a shopping destination – it also has excellent natural and manufactured beauty that you can explore on foot. You can get a taste of the history of the place and learn more about it as you walk around. So, when you go on a Dubai vacation, don’t just shop – take in the sights around you as well. Dubai packages from India will add benefits to the vacation spot. 

Embrace the Culture

Dubai is a Muslim nation, and hence there are some cultural practices that are unique to this region. To make your vacation in Dubai even more memorable, be sure to educate yourself on the local customs and culture.

Ride The Tram

There is much more to Dubai than just shopping malls and skyscrapers. To get a taste of the old-world charm of the place, take a ride on the Dubai tram and travel across the various districts of this city.

Head To The Desert

It’s a surreal experience to visit the desert and go sandboarding. If you have time on your vacation, be sure to take a trip out to the desert for sandboarding or dune bashing. Dubai is a cosmopolitan city with a wealth of wildlife. Be sure to visit the various parks and the zoo to see some of the most exotic species in action.

Feed The Penguins

Want to get up close and personal with some of the most exotic animals in Dubai? Head over to the Dubai Aquarium and be prepared for quite an experience as you get up close and personal with sea lions, penguins, and even dolphins. Shop The World, Dubai is a shopping Mecca. So, if you’re in the mood for something to buy from around the world, be sure to ask your hotel concierge to help you find a place that sells all around the world.

Eat The Local Flavor

If you’re in Dubai for a holiday and want to experience local delicacies, be sure to eat at some of the local food stalls in Dubai or head over to one of the local restaurants with hawkers. There are some sumptuous local delicacies that you won’t find in the USA or UK. Go on asafari while you are in Dubai, why not take a trip out to the desert and go on a safari? Be prepared for the experience of a lifetime with camels, exotic birds, and other animals to keep you company!

Shop Till You Drop

Love shopping and want to know where the best places to shop are in Dubai? If you’re planning a trip during the holidays, be sure to check out the local festivals and events that are taking place in the city. Your shopping experience will be even better! Once you have been all around Dubai, you need to hop on a flight, quick-smart! If you book your flight with Air Arabia, we promise that you’ll get a great deal on any of our affordable flights. You can go on a holiday and enjoy your Dubai vacation like a true tourist. If you are looking for places to stay, be sure to check out the many different hotels in Dubai.

Stay At An Over Water Hotel

Need to find a hotel that has some of the best views? Well, one of the best places you can stay is located in an over-water hotel that looks out over the Arabian Sea. Book A Staycation

Want to enjoy a holiday away from the big city? Be sure to go on a staycation and chill at your hotel outside of the town for an ample experience.

Exotic Getaways

Want to book some of the most exotic holiday destinations? Dubai is one of the best places out there, with beautiful beaches, beautiful attractions, and breathtaking sights. Book your stay at an exclusive beach resort and have a fantastic vacation at a top-notch value! Stay at a Five Star Resort Be sure to check out the Four Seasons at JBR. This five-star hotel is one of the best in Dubai and is perfect for a family vacation. It has a great location that overlooks the Arabian Sea, as well as a fantastic spa and pool area!

Learn Arabic

Want to learn about Arabic culture? Head over to one of the local mosques for lessons on Arabic culture. They’re beautiful places that you can experience as you know about the local culture from an expert on the matter. Street performers are a fun way to get out and see the sights. Be sure to check out the local events and performances at some of the larger hotels in Dubai and enjoy some good old-world fun.

Eat The Kebab

One of the most famous street foods in Dubai is the kebab. It’s a local delicacy that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. So, be sure to sample some of the local flavors and enjoy a delectable treat. Take A Water Taxi? Want to save on transportation costs? Book your stay at one of the hotels that have a water taxi option available for its guests. You can hop on a water taxi and get to your destination in style!

Immerse Yourself In The Culture

Dubai is a great place to learn about the local culture of the region. Be sure to pick up some books on the local culture at one of the bookstores around the area or check out some of the museums that will give you a better understanding of what life is like in this part of the world.

Look At The Skyline

The skyline is one of the most iconic sights to look at when in Dubai. If you want to catch a glimpse of what makes this city so unique and beautiful, be sure to take a trip out on one of the many sky bars that overlook this unique cityscape!


 If you’re in the market for some local souvenirs and trinkets, be sure to check out the world-famous hardware souk. You’ll find a wide selection of goods to take back home as unique souvenirs! Enjoy the Nightlife-One of the biggest nightlife hotspots in Dubai is called the Dubai Marina. There are plenty of places here where you can enjoy some good times with friends or family with dubai tour packagesfrom India.


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