Top 7 Best Car Tyre Brands In UAE


The UAE’s automotive culture is becoming more well-known worldwide, not only in Middle Eastern nations. Automobile lovers from all over the world go to the UAE to enjoy the auto culture. Additionally, the number of people building collections of antique and iconic vehicles has increased. Therefore, it would be fair to argue that the UAE has a massive range of classical and vintage vehicles throughout the globe.

The way that individuals see safety on the road has also changed. They are getting more and more worried about the tyres that are on their vehicles. As a result, numerous vehicle accidents have resulted in fatalities and serious injuries. To prevent accidents and other fatalities, you must look for the best tyre in UAE.

Best Seven Car tyre Brand In UAE

The relevant authorities have issued guidelines to prevent consumers from purchasing inexpensive automobile tyres, including those from unidentified manufacturers or used tyres. They continually emphasize that you should only get tyres from the greatest and most reputable tyre companies. Here are some of the best car tyre brands available in the UAE.

  1. Bridgestone
  2. Dunlop
  3. Continental AG
  4. Yokohama
  5. Michelin
  6. Pirelli
  7. Nexen

1.  Bridgestone

This is a Japanese tyre company that also produces automotive components. With 181 production sites, it is currently the most important tyre maker in the world. It produces tyres for many kinds of vehicles, especially big trucks. The Turanza and Dueler tyre lines are well-known among UAE drivers.

2.  Dunlop

A division of the Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Company, Dunlop is one of the most well-known tyre companies in the world. Dunlop produces tyres for various automobile models using the most recent technological advancements in the tyre business. Since its tyres are perfectly adapted to the UAE’s circumstances, many automobile owners request that Dunlop tyres be put on their vehicles.

3.  Continental AG

Commonly referred to as Continental, it ranks as the third largest tyre producer and creates a range of goods for the automobile and transportation sectors. Many automakers worldwide choose Continental to supply their vehicles with genuine equipment tyres. Maximum performance without sacrificing safety is provided by the tyres. Additionally, the business is a pioneer in producing environmentally friendly tyres.

4.  Yokohama

For most automobile owners, Yokohama is an economical tyre brand. To the satisfaction of automobile owners, it produces tyres for many vehicles and charges less than rivals. The Advan tyre series serves as the factory-installed tyre for various automobiles, such as the Mitsubishi Lancer. Yokohama stands out because it offers Japanese-level performance at astonishingly affordable costs.

5.  Michelin

Unquestionably one of the most prestigious tyre brands in the world, Michelin tyres have been renowned for their dependability and efficiency. After Bridgestone, it is the second-largest tyre maker. The MotoGP is only one of the many racing competitions that feature Michelin tyres. In many countries worldwide, many automobiles come standard with Michelin Total Performance and Primacy tyres.

6.  Pirelli

Since Pirelli is a luxury brand, not everyone can afford to buy its tyres. Nevertheless, these tyres are perfect for the expensive, high-performance automobiles in the UAE. Pirelli tyres are commonly seen on high-end premium and ultra-high-performance vehicles worldwide. The tyres can function at extraordinarily high speeds and provide drivers with remarkable handling stability. If you enjoy driving fast, Pirelli is your only option.

7.  Nexen

Nexen is a high-rating tyre company, despite being unknown, not distant past. The firm has established a production plant in China to satisfy the demand for Nexen tyres in various parts of the world. The UAE is among the more than 120 nations with which the corporation trades. It manufactures light vehicles, SUVs, and passenger vehicle tyres. Due to its exceptional endurance and productivity qualities, this Nexen CP581 is highly sought-after inside the UAE.

Consider these brands while you are looking for tires, whether buying them for a used car or changing it for better performance.


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