Things To Know Before You Buy Unlisted Shares Online In India


There seems to be a lot of money to be earned in pre-IPO invested capital, which was previously only available to high-net-worth individuals because the individual investor could only invest in publicly traded limited companies that were traded on the stock exchange. However, the times have shifted, and the average investor can purchase stock in a young business. Startup companies are risky, yet they have the opportunity to generate gains that the stock market does not provide. That is why pre-IPO firms are a good investment. Many of us are unaware of the advantages before proceeding to buy unlisted shares online in India.

Money invested in equities on the greyish market — the non-listed industry for unlisted stocks — carries risks, but it can also be profitable. We are all well aware of the advantages of investing in equity – it offers extraordinary upside if done correctly.

What Exactly Are Unlisted Shares?

Pre-IPO money is invested in an internal or external limited company before it goes public through an Initial Public Offering. A first-time public offering is the very first time a company goes public. Because of a lack of knowledge and public awareness, pre-IPO shareholdings are not accessible to everyone.

Previously, unlisted share price lists were only available to banks, equity firms, fund managers, and a few other select groups. However, this is no anymore a problem. Anyone can engage in the pre-IPO stage if they choose the right firm. Some policies allow a company’s shares to be dematerialized, allowing anyone to buy them and easily shift them to a Demat account.

Do Pre-IPO Companies Make Good Investments?

The most compelling incentive to engage in a pre-IPO is the potential profit. It can provide the highest return on investment. In the stock market, most growth equities have a lot of upside potential. Even though it is evident that early investors make the most money before the company goes public. You are now invited to get in on the fun.

Another advantage is the absence of volatility in stocks. Pre-IPO funding is less impacted by occurrences like the financial crisis of 2008 or the 2020 pandemic, depending on the industry. However, collisions may affect businesses. That will have an impact on your savings.

Benefits of investing in unlisted stocks

  1. Risk diversification: 

Unlisted shares have different risk complexities and can benefit someone already invested in listed stocks. They can be an effective way to diversify a portfolio. Unlisted shares have comparable to better return prospects than listed shares. These equities may go open in the future, which could provide a significant upside when they are listed on stock exchanges.

  • Low liquidity causes undervaluation:

Most unlisted shareholdings are illiquid, attracting only a select group of investors willing to commit to a longer time horizon. The market values are generally lower due to the lower supply of these assets and the lower quantity of people who want to be a member of this community. There are numerous opportunities to engage in a stock that is undervalued.

Exposure to unlisted shares should be restricted to the point that it complements the entire portfolio. Going overboard can significantly increase the risk.

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