Things To Follow When Writing A Cause And Effect Essay

Cause And Effect Essay

One of the most common essay formats is a cause and effect essay. This type of essay explains the causes or effects of a particular event and provides a bibliography at the end. Cause and effect essays can be used to write about anything from baseball to cell phones, architecture to medicine. Still, they always include an introduction, conclusion, argument, and cited sources. What makes a great cause and effect essay different from other types of essays is that it explains not just one aspect of something but two: the effects that come after something occurs followed by a cause. Having clarified this minor yet important point, let’s find out what you need to do if you have been given such an essay on your plate.

What is a cause and effect essay?

A cause and effect essay is a type of writing that describes the causes and effects of a certain event, phenomenon, or situation. It’s often used in academic papers to explain a problem and its solutions. A cause and effect essay should be written using an informal tone, but it still needs to be formal enough to be considered an academic paper.

What is the purpose of a cause and effect essay?

The purpose of a cause and effect essay is to explain the relationship between two or more causes or effects. The causes and effects may be physical, psychological, or sociological. The relationship between these two or more factors can be either direct or indirect.

How do I write a cause and effect essay?

There are several ways to write a cause-and-effect essay. Experts of the best essay writing service have discussed some of them as below:

Mapping out the problem – Researching all the possible causes of your problem and then listing them in order of importance

Writing down your thesis statement – Your thesis statement is what you want the readers to get from your essay. It should reflect what you have found out through research. For example, if your research shows that lack of communication leads to divorce, your thesis statement would say, “Lack of communication between couples leads to divorce.”

Writing out each subheading – Each subheading should reflect one specific cause or effect of the main topic of your essay; this will help keep things organized and make it easier for readers to follow along.

Things need to follow when writing a cause-and-effect essay:

Writing a cause-and-effect essay is not easy. It requires a lot of hard work and research. But it is worth it. The essay will help you understand the topic better and can help you in improving your writing skills.

Many things need to follow when writing a cause-and-effect essay, but here are some of them are:

1.     Cause and effect essay structure

There are two primary structures that you can choose for the structure of cause and effect essay.

The block structure: In this method, you narrate all the causes and then define their effects right after one.

The chain structure: Every cause has its effects, and in this method, you describe the consistent effects with causes.

Before writing your essay, choose which structure is suitable for you or according to your instructor’s requirement.

2.     Brainstorming

Start your essay by brainstorming your topic. If your topic is related to natural phenomena and social sciences, it will be helpful for you to observe your surroundings and hypothesize all possible causes that you can see. When writing a literature essay, consider all the interlinked characters and events.

3.     Thesis statement

The thesis statement must consist of either one cause-and-effect relationship of your topic or multiple effects caused by one specific object.

4.     Arrange the main points into body paragraphs:

While writing your essay, ensure that the facts you provide for cause and effect relationships are true and must demonstrate in your body paragraphs. You can outline your essay to certify that every paragraph must discover the different aspects of cause-and-effect relationships between your subjects.

5.     Drafting

Write the first draft of your essay using the thesis statement and body paragraphs. Start arguing about how an event, thing or phenomenon can affect the other. Keep thinking about the cause and effect relationship between your subjects and how a cause can affect differently. Also, find all the possible errors in your body paragraphs.

6.     Ask for Feedback

You can ask for feedback from your mentors, friends and colleagues on your draft. Ask them for more suggestions that you can add to your essay to make it better. Remember to share your draft with only trustworthy colleagues who give you sincere advice.

7.     Review

There is also a very important technique, i.e. reviewing your essay. Always review every formal piece of writing. Ask yourself questions like, do I present a clear overview or do the examples I have used demonstrate the cause-and-effect relationship? Again, you can also get a review from your professors or colleagues on your essay.

8.     Conclude your essay:

Your essay is not complete without the conclusion paragraph. The conclusion paragraph is considered the summary of your essay. It plays an essential role in enhancing the quality of your essay. You have already established all possible causes and effects between your subjects or events at this phase, so use them to conclude your essay, but do not provide any new information to your reader.

9.     Proofreading and editing:

Proofreading is important for any essay or thesis. Read your essay completely and ensure there are no spelling and grammatical mistakes and that you have used accurate sentence structure. During proofreading, keep in mind that the quality of these essays depends upon critical thinking skills and the capability to demonstrate your points logically. Considering these things while writing your essay, you can write an effective one.


So, as you’ve seen here, there are certain things you should do before creating a well-thought-out cause-and-effect essay. Following these steps can help ensure that your paper flows well and that the content is relevant. If you take the time to apply everything in this article, you should not only be able to finish your cause and effect essay in no time, but it should also make complete sense.



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