The Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA) Course


The Diploma in Computer Applications (DCA) Course is a one-year diploma course in the field of computer applications. This course is designed to provide students with the basic skills necessary for computer operations and gives them the opportunity to work in the IT industry. The course is delivered by ISO 9001:2015 certified organizations.

The DCA Course In Patna is an excellent choice for individuals who wish to improve their skills and improve their career prospects. They can also pursue this course as a way to switch their current job to one that is more suitable to their interests. In addition, it is a great choice for people who are desperate to find a job after graduating from high school. To apply for this course, candidates must have passed a high school graduation exam or the equivalent from a recognized board. Candidates need not have previous experience in computer programming to be considered for this course.

The cost of studying the DCA course can vary depending on the country and institute where the course is taught. In India, the cost of pursuing a diploma in computer applications can range from INR 20,00,00 to INR 30,00,000, depending on the institution. Students can expect to earn anywhere from INR 2 lakhs to INR 5 lakhs after they complete their courses. With this qualification, students can pursue many careers related to the field of computer applications.

It entails basic computer skills

The Computer Training Course In Patna includes an overview of computer basics. Because most of today’s work is being performed on computers, a basic understanding of how computers work is essential for future success. This course also teaches the fundamental skills necessary to use Microsoft Office. After completion of the course, a student will be issued a diploma which will be highly valuable in a professional’s job search.

The course also consists of a pre-assessment, which helps you understand which modules you may need to work on. Unlike a degree course, the DCA Course is much cheaper and is often shorter than its equivalent. It lasts from six months to a year, depending on your individual needs. Once you’ve successfully completed the course, you’ll be ready for a career as a web designer, a software developer, or a C++ developer.

It provides opportunities to make a career in IT

The DCA Course offers great career prospects in the Information Technology industry, with the demand for IT professionals rising rapidly. It offers good salary and career growth, with pay scaling increasing as the candidate gains experience. It also allows students to continue their studies with further courses like BCA and MCA, or opt for higher education. Some graduates also opt for consulting and project management.

The DCA course is accredited by the UGC and offers students a chance to build a career in IT. It covers the fundamentals of computer science and provides job opportunities in different sectors. For example, DCA graduates can get jobs in recruitment agencies, airlines, software development, electric department, telephone industries, data entry, BPOs, and KPOs.


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