Why You Should Attend A Game At Jimmy Johns Stadium

Jimmy johns

Do you want to see the newest and most exciting destination in the metro Detroit area? In 2016, the historic downtown area of Utica, a northern suburb around 45 minutes from downtown Detroit, welcomed the $18 million Jimmy johns Field opening. There are four teams in the united shore professional baseball league: the Birmingham Bloomfield beavers, the eastside diamond hoppers, the Utica unicorns, and the westside woolly mammoths. All four of these teams compete at Jimmy johns Field every weekend from May through September, during the months with the most pleasant weather that Michigan has to offer.

The new stadium has many great features that fans will appreciate. The following are five compelling reasons to attend a game:

Strenuous Rivalry At A High Level

Players between the ages of 18 and 26 who have aspirations of playing in major league baseball can participate in the united shore professional baseball league, which was created as an innovative finishing school for player development. Us professional baseball league features athletes from throughout the United States, with representatives hailing from 44 different states in 2018.

Both the players and the baseball played in the uspbl are of a very high caliber, and players in the league are frequently scouted by major league baseball organizations. The United States premier baseball league (uspbl) has been an incredible success since its inception in 2016, producing 27 players who have earned professional contracts with major league baseball (MLB) franchises.

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It’s A Matter Of The Family

Because tickets are reasonably priced and about the same price as going to the movies and parking is free, families can go out together for the evening without breaking the bank by taking advantage of these two amenities. It is okay for each and every fan to obtain pictures taken with the players and coaches as well as autographs from those individuals. In addition, after each game, the youngsters get the chance to run the bases (bases = the perimeter of the playing field). On the other hand, you will have a difficult time persuading them to leave the deluxe children’s play area.

A Spectacle Venue

Jimmy johns Field was conceived of as a showcase location for potential future league growth, to be the tidiest, safest, and most welcoming baseball stadium in the United States. The majestic and imposing entrance is impossible to overlook. Inside, the design is sophisticated and first-class, but it still has an intimate atmosphere. There is not a single unsatisfactory location in the auditorium.

Fans are still able to grab pop-ups even though the entire stadium has been netted with the material that is both the most durable and the least obvious to onlookers. This was done to shield them from “screamer” balls. The sound system at Jimmy johns Field is of concert level, and the stadium’s led scoreboard is the largest in the minor leagues at 50 feet by 40 feet. Jimmy johns Field is one of the most technologically advanced stadiums of its size overall.


The same level of comfort and quality can be found in each of the 2,000 box seats at big league ballparks. In addition to that, the first few rows include padding! A total of 4,500 people can attend each game thanks to the presence of corporate suites, on-field “diamond tables,” three picnic areas, spaces for group outings and birthday celebrations, and a grass berm seating area.

You will be able to view the action just 37 feet behind the home plate if you are fortunate enough to earn an invite to one of the dugout suites. This distance is the closest it has ever been in the history of baseball.

Extra Fun

Fireworks will be let off following the conclusion of each game on Friday night, helping to light the night sky. You can find information on special giveaways, character appearances, and tribute band performances by consulting the calendar that is available at Jimmy johns Field. A few of these events are Star Wars night, Superheroes day, bobblehead giveaways, live music every Saturday night, and drink specials every Thursday night that include $2 bud and bud light as well as $5 craft beer specials in the recently built short hops craft beer garden on the third base side of the stadium. Other events include bobblehead giveaways, live music every Saturday night, and live music every Thursday night.


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