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Cleanliness is essential for good health. It is obvious. It is also clear that most people hate anything related to hygiene. Rengøring Erhverv is boring, unpleasant and most importantly – economical. For them, it means they are not the people involved in the cleaning process. Most people have things they want to do instead of dealing with crap and devote themselves to making a living, spending time with their kids, and having fun. This is where a large company presents itself – a lucrative opportunity in fact – for anyone who hasn’t cleaned it all up, it’s a shame.

Business included.

As you can imagine, this piece covers many ways to make money part-time. Others work part-time; there are some places where you do the work yourself, others are not for end users. For example, you can start your own.

Hat and laundry service

Window cleaning environment

Cleaning of houses and apartments

Cleaning contract

Some ideas will challenge you. Additional information, technical expertise and support are provided by franchisees, machine dealers and most manufacturers. Your performance depends not on the company but on the role you choose. A business owner can handle everything from advertising to publishing, invoicing and submitting annual accounts. You can do the cleaning as a partner, while someone else takes care of the administration and management. Alternatively, you can join a private franchise cleaning company where most of the administration is handled by the parent company and environmental issues such as cleaning are left to you.

Hat and clothes cleaning service

All businesses thrive on professional images, and most organizations opt for high-quality carpets and fabrics that represent a major investment. These products must last, so regular, professional cleaning is essential. Most communities employ professionals for daily cleaning and vacuuming, as do shampooing and outdoor treatment specialists. Check any local newspaper and you’ll find small businesses, often one-man (or one-woman) businesses, offering carpet and furniture cleaning to private clients and businesses. A satisfied customer is a repeat customer and this is a business where traditional repeat visits and word of mouth generate most of your revenue. Running a small carpet/upholstery business does not require any special knowledge or skills, although a great deal of professionalism is required. Machines and cleaning equipment are the biggest investment and most dealers offer training and ongoing support.

First impressions are important. A custom machine and your name on the rim of your wheel speak volumes about the quality and reliability of your work. The same applies to your own approach and attitude towards business. Be smart, keep contracts and always act like a professional.

Your equipment should also look good, receive regular maintenance and function properly.

They deal only with business customers. Homeowners are another source of sustainable business and valuable free advertising through referrals and recommendations. Even for small businesses with one person and one machine, business can be significant. The biggest problems you’ll encounter are chatty customers, who can delay your next appointment and reduce the number of calls per call. Day is friendly but diplomatic. Time is money. It’s a good idea to research established companies before starting your own business, even if it means having your own carpets and furniture cleaned by someone who has been advertising for a while. Alternatively, ask bars, showrooms, hotels and restaurants what cleaning products they use and how satisfied they are with the service.

Window cleaning environment

All roofs have windows, some easy to clean, some less so. Windows in smaller homes are more likely to be cleaned by the homeowner. Most homes, shops, clubs, bars and businesses always rely on outdoor window cleaners. This is another time where effective advertising is not needed for repeat visits and referrals. Starting a window cleaning business requires no skills or knowledge and start-up costs are very low. Ladders, shovels, straw bales and cleaning equipment as well as vehicles for competition, and some for long distances between calls. Large communities and small shopping centers are prime for window cleaning, where calls are quick and transportation is rarely needed. With the right environment already in place, other companies are ready to jump in at a moment’s notice.


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