Star Swim Schools Review

Swimming Classes Clyde

Star Swim Schools provide learn-to-swim programs tailored specifically for children of all ages, with an emphasis on water safety and survival skills – making it the perfect option for parents looking to help their child become an accomplished swimmer.


Established in 1975, their approach is founded upon two principles: quality staff and a proven curriculum. Their experienced instructors share an affinity for caring for children.

They offer a variety of learn-to-swim programs

Swimming Classes Clyde provides learn-to-swim programs tailored specifically for each age and ability level of children in an effort to help them learn to swim confidently while keeping it fun! Their instructors specialize in teaching their pupils essential swimming techniques that they need in a safe and supportive learning environment.

Stars Swim Schools was established by co-owners Darius and Boris in 2005 as a family business. Between them, they possess over two decades of experience in aquatics, health, and wellness industries.

Start the swimming journey today by scheduling a trial session – either over phone, email, or in person!

Meet with your instructor, explore their facility and view what services are provided before making a decision if this is the right option for your family. Take this chance to speak to staff members who can answer any questions regarding classes that interest you!

Following your trial class, you can enroll in one of their swim lessons with one of their instructors – they provide private and semi-private instruction, as well as Parent & Me classes.

There is also an array of summer camp options, and even programs which provide 10 weeks worth of swim lessons.

Their instructors are friendly, professional and highly-trained individuals who make each lesson an enjoyable and worthwhile experience for students of all ages. Furthermore, they utilize progressive learning techniques to ensure your child ekes out the most of his or her time spent swimming in the pool.

The initial stage of this program focuses on creating comfort in the water and teaching fundamental aquatic skills such as underwater exploration, direction change and swimming to safety from a distance if they fall in. They will also learn rhythmic breathing as well as arm/leg action techniques.

They then focus on stroke technique, including front crawl and back crawl strokes, treading water skills and elementary backstroke techniques.

They are a family-run business

Five Star Swim School was established by two friends with longtime interests in health and fitness who decided to combine their knowledge to form a new type of swim lesson business that was both engaging and effective – Five Star Swim School!

At Aquanautics, their small team of dedicated and knowledgeable individuals are focused on expanding the business by teaching children to stay safe in and around water. This involves tailoring each experience according to what both kids and adults require in order to maximize enjoyment while staying safe while keeping everyone secure throughout.

What stands out most about this company is their dedication and compassion towards students and families they serve. They recognize it takes hard work and effort for change to occur for everyone involved.

The company is also at the forefront of using technology and digital innovation to enhance clients’ experiences, including using videoconferencing to connect staff members with students who cannot attend classes due to scheduling conflicts or travel complications. Furthermore, they are experts at using Facebook for promotion events and competitions.

They offer a free trial session

One of the best ways to secure new clients is by organizing a free trial session. This gives potential members an opportunity to experience your facility and teachers before committing to membership. However, be sure that this free trial session has an organized follow up plan in place – this can make a real difference when recruiting new students!

Your prospective members should receive a thorough introduction to the instrument they will learn on trial day, in order to give them a good sense of how it works and if it fits with them as individuals. This will eliminate freebie seekers and ensure you focus on working with those serious about joining.

Star Swim Schools provide learn-to-swim programs tailored specifically for children of all ages and abilities. Their programs focus on water safety and survival skills as well as personalized instruction that ensures maximum results for each student.

Infant and toddler lessons for babies aged six months to three years as well as classes tailored specifically towards older kids aged three to six. They are small enough for individual attention from instructors.

Star Swim Schools instructors are certified to instruct children of all ages in water safety and survival skills. Furthermore, their friendly and professional staff ensure your child has a pleasant learning experience during their lessons.

Start today by booking a free trial session either online or in-person, then speak with their team about enrollment options and costs.

Meet with instructors at the school to ask any questions and evaluate whether your child is ready to begin swimming lessons Clyde. This can also help determine whether it would be beneficial to enroll them in lessons.

This free trial session may last up to two school days and provides an ideal way for your child to become familiar with their new environment before making a commitment to membership. In addition, this experience gives you an opportunity to get an impression of each teacher as well as converse with other parents to see how well their children have settled in at the school.

They are STAmark certified

STA, the premier swim teaching and lifesaving organization, recently unveiled its award-winning Swim Star programme to assist independent swim schools worldwide demonstrate their dedication to providing top quality lessons, customer service, and business practices. Their STAmark assessment measures health and safety concerns within aquatics; designed to reassure and impress swimmers as well as parents that you are in it for the long haul.

Zoe Cooper of STA is responsible for developing the STAmark scheme in both the UK and Ireland; over 5000 schools have already adopted it! With such low costs involved, STAmark provides an inexpensive way of increasing recognition as well as building your profile as an industry leader.

There are various ways that STAmark can benefit you and you are entitled to various perks with it, including a free certificate and badge as well as promotional materials and prizes galore! And best of all – no qualifications are needed – so take advantage of its free trial period today and start building your mark! The Programmes & CPDs section of your account contains STAmark for you – take advantage of it now to start exploring.