Spend a Weekend at These Luxury Villas


Nestling in the very heart of nature, luxury villas in panchgani and villas near lonavala offer an ideal refuge for city dwellers looking for an escape from their busy lives. With scenic views of the surrounding mountains, the comfort of its interiors and their beautiful designs, these premium stays in Lonavala and panchgani provide a befitting location for a luxury visit to the city.


EKOSTAY private villas near lonavala and luxury villas in Panchgani are the best pick to enjoy the beautiful destination to the fullest without anyone interfering with your stay. Book private villa in Lonavala which have been handpicked and remodelled according to the needs and demands of the guests so they can unwind and relax in the private pool villas near lonavala ranging from premium to affordable options to take your pick.

Hill View villa

If you are looking for a brief staycation with your loved ones over the weekend you should head to the Hill view villa in Lonavala with private pool. As the name suggests the front facing side of this premium and affordable Hill View Villa in Lonavala features a beautiful unending mountain view. A private pool surrounded by an intriguing hill view and extensive garden space, with morning dew cleansing your feet as you walk on the grass, is the best setup for you and your loved ones and friends! 

Carlos Villa

Because of its amazing ambiance during the rainy season, Lonavala is one of the best places to visit near Mumbai. Lonavala is at its most scenic, with cloud-kissed cliffs and gushing waterfalls. The “City of Caves” is another name for Lonavala. It has beautiful green valleys and a comfortable climate throughout the year. Lonavala comes alive during the monsoon season, when the countryside becomes vivid and fresh, complete with waterfalls and ponds.

The lush green slopes of the Sahyadri ranges may be seen from Lonavala. Come see the beautiful scenery in the 4BHK Carlos villa in Lonavala. Book private villa in Lonavala featuring a private pool where you can cool off or play a game of volley ball, as well as a large lawn where you and your loved ones can relax and enjoy a warm cup of chai in the chilly atmosphere of Lonavla.

Tranquil Villa

Everything is serene and beautiful including Tranquil Villa in Lonavala. This 3BHK luxurious villa in Lonavala with private pool is a marvel with its modern interiors and comfortable furnishing. Located in one of the premium villa societies, this gated community has the best to offer in terms of luxury and security. This property is equipped with a private pool, lush greenery and good vibes. Guests could indulge in some badminton or simply laze around on the lawns in this luxury private villa in Lonavala.


Sky Villa in Lonavala nestled away in the hills, is the epitome of a tranquil escape. Interiors that are simple yet elegant, with a hint of luxury and a nod to old Bollywood, are guaranteed to pique your interest. This 3 BHK Lonavala private villa with private pool is the perfect location in the highlands to make your stay most unforgettable, apart from the chaotic crowds of Lonavala.

After their excursion to Tiger Point, guests can relax by the private pool and have a full BBQ supper while taking in the breathtaking views with family and friends. You can come here with your family and friends, or even your four-legged companions, and let your hair down.

Luxury Villas in panchgani

EKOSTAY luxury villas in Panchgani are the best pick to enjoy the beautiful destination to the fullest without anyone interfering with your stay. Ekostay has a plethora of panchgani villas on rent to provide you with a hassle-free stay.

Specter villa in Panchgani

Let us take you to another dimension with Ekostay Specter villa in Panchgani, located in the heart of the mountains Panchgani. The views from the house are captivating enough to let you forget about your troubles and simply enjoy the weather. A four-bedroom Ekostay Specter Villa in Panchgani with a private pool to cool yourself in. Eat your meals by the campfire, engage in a BBQ session, or enjoy a full supper by the pool area while basking in the serene atmosphere of Panchgani.

Infinity Villa in Panchgani

In Mahableshwar, there is a charming rustic home that combines old world beauty with contemporary comforts. The stunning 4BHK Ekostay Fairview villa in Panchgani has a designated balcony space and an outside grass area that will make you feel right at home.

Among the sights and sounds found around the villa are flowers, mountains, and the sounds of nature. A hallmark of this villa is the designated garden space with a lovely eating room set up just in the garden area. Additionally, you may take a relaxing bath in your bathtub when you do decide to go to your room.

Windsor Villa

This magnificent 4BHK villa overlooks the lush emerald vistas of Panchgani and includes a private swimming pool. Don’t forget to take in the breathtaking sunrise from your attached room balconies as you greet the morning breeze with a whiff of holiday cheer.

Couples, families with children, and large groups will find this villa to be the ideal combination of serenity and comfort for a quick weekend getaway. This cosy and tailored getaway in Panchgani is made for you to have a memorable holiday.


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