Red Flags You Must Notice in Your Widow Matrimonial Wedding

widow matrimonial

Preparing for your Widow matrimonial celebrations but still have a few questions in head? Are you ready for one-sided and huge adjustments because of your current marital status? Most importantly, are you blatantly avoiding the red flags just because you are a widow? Then, you must read this article for complete clarity and insightfulness. 

Widow matrimonial weddings are still a big taboo in many families. But that doesn’t make you any less of an individual than you were before. So, any major compromises, over-toleration, avoiding red flags, etc should not be an option for you. However, undermining self often results in intentional-unintentional negligence of the bad behavior from the other side. So, read the following points carefully to understand and identify the red flags before your widow matrimonial wedding.

Disrespectful Behavior

No person treating you with disrespect for any reason whatsoever can ever be a good life partner. If you are seeing a future with someone like them, drop the idea now. To treat others and get treated with respect is a basic human right that no one is allowed to defy.

However, you might think that your current marital status is the reason for facing so much backlash and disrespect from people. But it is high time you stop thinking any less of yourself. None of your life tragedies or personal problems give people especially, your would-be life partner any right to treat you any bad. So, if someone is doing that to you, the problem is their upbringing and mentality, not you! Never ever marry this person.

Bitter Towards Your Children

If you are not a widow-mother, it’s fine but if you are, there are obviously more challenges for you. You have to think more vividly about your widow matrimonial wedding because both you and your kid’s life is now at stake. If he is nice to you but not your children, you definitely cannot go with the wedding. 

Moreover, it is foolish to think that they will eventually develop a bond and your partner might start treating them nicely. Though there is a possibility but if it didn’t go well, your children will be doomed to forever toxic relationships. Also, if he is not good to your child before marriage, how can you expect him to change afterward? 

Too Many Expectations

If you can talk it out, it’s good but if you can’t avoid marrying people with a load of expectations. Many people still live in the 18th century and believe they can stifle their wives with extra responsibilities and expectations. The situation becomes even grave when you are planning a widow matrimonial wedding. The in-laws and husband feels they are uplifting you just by marrying you or bringing you home.

So, if you notice any such behavior, say straight ‘NO’ to the wedding. Your ideal life partner should be the one who is accepting you as his equal and nothing less than that. Also, they shall share responsibilities with you and don’t let you face the world alone. You have already gone through a lot. Thus, plan a marriage, not sufferings.  

Dating you Secretly

You are dreaming of your widow matrimonial wedding and he has still not made it public yet? Woman, trust your instincts and save your dignity by just walking away from this relationship. 

To make a relationship official is the least men can do to make their life partner secure about the wedding. But if he just treating you as his side girlfriend or secret mistress, he is never going to marry you!

You must know your worth and demand transparency in the relationship if you are looking forward to getting married to this guy. In fact, you shall meet his parents, know about his past life, visit his home, meet him publicly, etc to confirm your faith in him. If he is still not ready to make it official, you are in a false loop. Get away the soonest!

So, these are some of the highly alarming red flags, you should never avoid before your Widow matrimonial celebrations. Make both your approach and questions directly with him and understand if he is on the same page as you. If he is not, choose to walk away with the same dignity and pride you always had. You are worth more than just a ‘compromised relationship’


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