Reasons to choose hunter green hotel towels

hunter green hotel towels
hunter green hotel towels

Hotel towels are one of the most frequently used products that will create a good impression on the guest. These towels are also one of the hardest working members on the property. Clients expect all the towels and washcloths to be clean and sophisticated. These must carry great wicking properties, be durable, and be quick to disinfect.

Whether you are choosing towels for a single suite or an entire hotel, selecting the best set is important. However, not all towels are created equally and you must put considerable attention to the product to ensure the best results for them. Investing in the best ones like hunter green hotel towels and careful consideration of weight, fabric, design, etc. is recommended to ensure effective results. 

Choosing the best towels for your business

Towels vary in their absorbency and durability. Similarly, characteristics like color, weight, and softness can influence your bathroom aesthetics. 

For instance – white towels may signify calmness while hunter green hotel towels signify serenity and peace.

These characteristics positively impact client experience and boost your bottom line.

Factors to be considered while deciding on hotel towels 

  • Weight

A towel’s weight is more than what you feel in your hand. The towel’s weight and quality also influence its absorbency and durability. The same can be assessed by checking its GSM (Grams per square meter) value.

There are the following categories of towels – 

  • Low-weight versions with 300-400 GSM weight 
  • Medium-weight versions with 400-600 GSM weight
  • High-weight versions with 600-900 GSM weight

The higher the GSM, the better the towel performance and outcomes. For high-class hotels, these high GSM towels bring a great combination of aspects like – plushness, absorbency, and longevity.

Lower-weight versions are lighter and therefore better for fitness and healthcare services. Similarly, these are used by poolside bars, budget hotels, etc. to save money. Such towels are lighter and easy to dry.

Ultimately, the final choice is dependent on the individual needs of your business.

  • Fabrics 

Towels are available in a variety of styles and fabrics. These can include premium versions made from cotton to blended synthetics. This impacts the usage outcomes – 

  • Towels made from 100 percent cotton use upland cotton. These products have softer and shorter fibers but are not as soft as their Egyptian versions.
  • Egyptian versions are highly absorbent, silky, and smooth. These have an extra-long staple and are less prone to pilling. Further, these are plush and soft than the average fabrics.
  • Turkish cotton has extra long fibers. These are lightweight and fluffy versions with great absorption properties. Such towels are quick to dry and easier to reuse.
  • Bamboo variants are designed using bamboo pulp, cotton, and rayon. These have a great sheen and are absorbent.
  • Micro or Indian cotton towels have long fibers woven into loops. These towels are lighter, soft, and more luxurious.
  • Poly blend towels are more long-lasting than the average towel. However, these have better longevity, faster drying time, and durability. These do not stick to the skin and are more affordable than expensive versions.
  • Construction techniques adopted

Towel construction techniques use two methods – loop and twist. 

The more twisted fibers in a towel, the more durable it is. However, guests may complain of its stiffer size and feel.

In the case of looped versions, the thread is looped in and the resulting towels are absorbent and durable. The denser the loops, the better their absorbency.

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