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When you go back to work, you will be able to catch up with your coworkers and enjoy wonderful meals together as a group once more. Panera menu, Panera hours at Work is a great way to show employees that you care about them and welcome them back to the workplace. Employees have the option of placing orders for colorful salads, substantial soups, and delectable sandwiches.

panera menu, and Panera hours Each of which will be delivered separately wrapped, and tagged to the time slot and location that you have specified. You are able to keep collaboration and conversation continuing in the workplace all day long by providing employees with the option of ordering lunch at home and offering a discount on the delivery charge.

Institutions Of Higher Learning

It doesn’t matter if you’re a teacher or an administrator; our famous Panera menu, Panera hours You Pick Two selections, sandwiches, salads, and Flatbread Pizzas offer excellent meals for group meetings or in between planning sessions. We are here to provide food delivery services to all types of educational institutions, from primary school classrooms to college grounds.

The Workings Of It

It is convenient for everyone to grab lunch or dinner thanks to the Panera menu, and Panera hours Day at Work program. Place your order in advance, and we will transport delectable foods and snacks to your location, whether it be at your place of employment or at your place of education.

You Get To Determine Your Own Agenda

Choose the days of the week and times that will allow you to receive your order with the least amount of inconvenience.

Easy Ordering Through Panera

You can place your order quickly and easily Panera menu, Panera hours, and the delivery price will only be $1 per order,* regardless of how many meals you order. Reduce the amount of vehicular traffic by centralizing all of your building’s delivery pick-ups in a single, easily accessible location.

There Are Numerous Menu Options

Explore the options on our menu or just walk up to the counter and choose your favorite sandwich, soup, salad, Flatbread Pizza, and more.

One Safe And Convenient Delivery

The orders are delivered at the specific time and location that was specified, individually packaged in a secure manner, and labeled.

Panera Day At Work Group Delivery

Panera menu, Panera hours Work group delivery to office buildings, schools, hospitals, businesses, and residential complexes is only available at participating Panera menu, Panera hours bakery-cafes in the United States on certain days of the week. Panera Day @ Work group delivery cannot be ordered online. For delivery, a minimum order of $5 is required.

this amount does not include any taxes, levies, or fees that may be applicable. There is a one-dollar delivery charge added to each order. The cost of our shipping Does not come in the form of a tip or gratuity and is given to the driver.

Orders Have To Be Placed On Panera’s Website

Orders have to be placed on the Panera menu, and Panera hours website, which can be accessed from a desktop computer or a mobile device at Panera Bread/DayAtWorkOrder. Not accessible at the café, at the kiosk, in the drive-through, on the app, for catering orders, or for orders placed through third-party delivery sites. The orders will be delivered to the place in your building that has been specified as the drop-off point. Please see the Building Manager for further information.

Panera Bread Is Who We Are

And we are firm believers that nourishing oneself with delicious cuisine, food of which one can be proud, can coax the best qualities out of Panera menu, Panera hours of us. Food is delivered in a friendly, cozy atmosphere by folks who genuinely care about their guests. That is our idea of delicious food, which is also the reason why we’ve come here.

Do you have any interest in learning more about our company, including how we got our start and more about who we are? These sections provide an overview of Panera Bread, including a history of the firm, biographies of members of our management team, and a collection of recent accolades and recognition the company has received.

Panera Goal To Promote And Improve Our Communities

Our goal is to promote and improve our communities by encouraging children and young people who are underserved and at risk of becoming leaders through investments in those children and youth.

The Mission Of The Panera Bread Foundation

The mission of the Panera menu, Panera hours Bread Foundation is to create a society in which young people are able to realize their full potential and dare to dream; a world in which opportunity and economic mobility are available to all in a fair and equitable manner. We will make it possible for children and young people to develop their leadership skills, as well as have access to educational and professional progression possibilities.

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Primary Goal To Encourage The Development Of Children

Our primary goal is to encourage the development of children and young people by providing them with opportunities to participate in activities that stimulate and fortify the communities in which they live. Our attention is focused on their future in a variety of ways, including the cultivation of leadership qualities, the acquisition of mentoring relationships, and the expansion of skill sets, as well as preparation for entry into the workforce and college.

Grant Program At Panera

The Panera Bread Foundation, Inc. is providing financial assistance to organizations that work to improve the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable children and young people by means of a grant financing program. We are happy to accept grant applications from both local and national organizations, and we encourage them to do so.

Kindly take note that our Panera promo code is currently closed, however, it will reopen in the fall of 2022 in order to select partners for the year 2023. Here you can find information about our award program.

Donate Your Spare Change To The Kids

When making purchases in-store or online, we ask our customers to help us build future possibilities for children and teenagers by rounding up the total amount of their check to the closest dollar. This can be done in-store or online. The Panera Bread Foundation receives one hundred percent of the rounded-up donations made by our customers as part of our Give Change for Children initiative. .


  1. Our efforts are directed on enhancing their potential in a number of ways, such as helping them develop as leaders, connecting them with adult role models, increasing their knowledge, and preparing them for life after high school and before college.

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