OwnWebServers Review – Dedicated Server Hosting for Large Website App


Do you have a website or application with lots of resources? If so, you must choose a web hosting company that offers your website lightning-fast performance.

There are many web hosting businesses on the market, but your task is to pick the one that fits all of your needs. Along with the web hosting company you choose, it’s crucial to choose the plan that best matches your economic state and meets the needs of your website.

The best solution for handling the increasing amount of traffic to your website is dedicated hosting. Furthermore, it is able to handle the heaviest workloads.

OwnWebServers is one of the best and most fully managed dedicated server hosting USA providers in the business despite the huge number of web hosting companies. They provide trying to cut dedicated hosting at a fair price. Moreover, you get all the powerful capabilities for your bandwidth websites and applications.

I’ll provide you with a review of their dedicated hosting in this article. It will help you know if it is the right fit for your needs. Let me briefly explain dedicated server hosting to you before we get began with the review.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Having total control over your server is the aim of dedicated servers. In other words, you can customize the server and add applications of your choice.

Therefore, there is no chance that the performance of other users’ or websites’ servers would be impacted. If you choose dedicated server hosting, you may develop an enterprise website with a lot of power and storage.

Otherwise, little websites won’t require much storage. Intel CPU processors are needed if you’re buying a server with multicore processors.

When you select the low-cost dedicated server hosting from OwnWebServers, the server has cutting-edge hardware that can handle asset apps and websites.

How is the Working of a Dedicated Server?

When the hosting provider rents you a dedicated server, management is completely up to you. It is designed specifically for your application, for instance. databases, websites, web hosting, and databases. Furthermore, it improves your performance.

A dedicated server is a good choice if your business or website is sector is growing. Dedicated server hosting is the best option if you want additional power and control over your hosting environment.

Why Choose a Dedicated Server?

Reliability: If you choose dedicated server hosting, your website or application will operate at a high degree of performance.

Security: A dedicated server has built-in security.

Customization: A dedicated server can be configured to meet your needs.

Why Go for OwnWebServers Dedicated Server?

  1. Unlimited Website Hosting

The number of websites you want to host is completely beyond your control. Additionally, you are free to switch from shared, reseller or VPS hosting to a dedicated server and host all of your websites there.

  1. High-Performance Guaranteed

Hosting on dedicated servers does not require any resource sharing. Therefore, other website traffic won’t have an effect on your website, and your website/application will perform to a high level.

  1. Full Root SSH Access

OwnWebServers offer full root access with each dedicated server hosting. On the server, you are free to install whatever web apps you like.

  1. Guaranteed Security

A dedicated server has extraordinarily high levels of security. With dedicated server hosting, you have a physically isolated setting. Due to its separation from other servers, it decreases the risk of threats.

  1. Easy Customization

On your server, you can run customized settings and customized applications. You don’t need to be worried about how web applications are running.

  1. 100% Dedicated Server Resources

You get an entire execution environment and 100% dedicated hardware resources. Therefore, there is no virtualization and no resource sharing.

OwnWebServers Dedicated Server Hosting Plans & Pricing:

You can choose the dedicated server hosting plan based on your needs. There are different plans for dedicated servers.

They currently provide upgraded dedicated server plans that include the newest Intel CPU processor generation, lots of RAM, storage, and bandwidth.


OwnWebServers provides top-notch dedicated server hosting. Each package comes with a 99.99% uptime SLA, a united states data centre, total server control, and all the greatest features to make running huge website problems. Join the top dedicated server plans right away!


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