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MTO News is a website that specializes in African American culture and urban celebrity news and rumors. It is often recognized as the authority on African-American celebrity news, and MTO News has broken stories that have been picked up by big news agencies such as CNN.

Fred Mwangaguhunga is the owner and founder of the urban gossip website “MTO News,” which he founded in 2006 and has since risen in popularity to garner millions of hits every day.

MTO News

MTO News History

Creator Fred (mah-WON-gah-goo-HOON-gah) left a job in corporate law and started an online laundry service. This exposed the budding entrepreneur to the world of internet advertising and laid the framework for his next step. After selling his washing business, Fred started blogging about celebrity rumors and news, and quickly gained notoriety.

On Alexa, Media-takeout is currently one of the top 20,000 websites in the world, with over a million monthly page visits. By reshaping news and incorporating recent articles and interviews from its sources, it focuses on urban celebrity rumors. Some of the most well-known urban celebrity stories, such as the Chris Brown-Rihanna altercation, have been attributed to the website.

Celebrity Industry

MTO News makes money through advertisements. The Celebrity News industry is valued an estimated $3 billion and is part of MTO news organization’s more comprehensive news and media category. The media takeout news, print magazines, such as People and US Magazine, has traditionally dominated the industry’s market share.

However, the industry changed as the internet era advanced and blogging for self-promotion gained popularity, leading to hyper-fast celebrity coverage. A new era of celebrity rumors with a focus on breaking news quickly began as a result. Massive online traffic that was converted into advertising revenue helped websites like TMZ and Perez Hilton gain popularity.

Customers & Rivals

Compared to standard celebrity news websites, MTO News targets a different audience, drawing a particular set of competitors. The site specializes in African American celebrity news and does so in a unique way compared to other media channels. In an interview, Fred describes his goal to fill the gap in celebrity news by giving his audience a comprehensive picture of urban superstars.

Using Beyonce and Jay Z as an example, he pointed out how they are covered in magazines like People but do not receive as much attention as, say, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. The gap he aimed to fill was this one.

Given Mwanguguhanga’s motives, MTO News competes in a market committed to celebrity news for urban consumers.,, and are among the rivals of larger urban media companies like BET.

MTO News Achievement’s Factors

The achievement of MTO News may be attributed to a lot of things, including its increasing focus on readers and outstanding brand equity. Drew a page from internet firms like Face book and Twitter when he founded MTO News, focused on establishing a readership rather than earning right away. This allowed the site to develop to meet its target demographic.

For instance, a statistical analysis led to the decision to concentrate on urban celebrity MTO news; as the website developed, it became evident that the urban audience related to the content in a way that increased online traffic. Mwangaguhunga saw this and steered the firm in that way. Only six months into its operation, the website started to turn a profit.

MTO News in 2016

Individuals like singer Kanye West had previously targeted media takeout, with the most prominent event occurring in 2016 with Face book.

The Face book page for media-takeout was closed in 2016. The page had 5.6 million followers when it was taken down at the time.

It touches more than 30 million people each month. They are the most watched African American news company in the world, because to their Face book connections.

MTO News Future

The site’s second success component, excellent brand equity, was achieved by personalizing media-takeout to its most engaged audience. Being included with other major websites such as TMZ enables the site to charge higher advertising prices and recruit critical sources for articles. Good breaking news sources are a crucial input in a place like MTO News, as they generate readership. Advertising income is directly proportional to the number of readers and views.


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