Make Their Day: Ways to Wish Your Loved Ones a Happy Birthday


Wishing someone a happy birthday can be difficult if you’re not sure how to go about it. Of course, if you have the person’s gift ready beforehand, you don’t even have to say anything at all. Instead, you can put the present in their mail slot or on their desk at work and send them a text saying that they’ll find their gift when they come in tomorrow (or whenever). However, sometimes it can be hard to know what to get someone, and so you’ll have to settle for wishing them happiness another way.

Remind them they are special

Everyone has their own way of celebrating another year in the life. Maybe it’s partying with friends, or spending time with family, or just doing something they love. Either way, we hope you have an amazing day! Let us know what you’re up to by sending your WooInfo messages and pictures so we can celebrate with you.

Ask them how they want to celebrate

Do they want to celebrate with messages or do they want to celebrate with WooInfo?

If they want messages, take the time to send them messages on their birthday. You can write something as simple as happy birthday! Or you can be more elaborate and personalize it. If you have access, you could send them an email or call them on their phone. Just make sure that if you call them, don’t forget about the time zone difference!

Give them something meaningful

It’s hard to figure out what to get for the people you care about for their birthday. Sometimes you want to give them something that will last, but sometimes you just want it to be fun and personal. No matter what you choose, there are so many ways you can make their day more special by giving them something meaningful.

The best way is with WooInfo.

Show up in person

The best way to wish your loved ones a happy birthday is by showing up in person. You can take them out for their favorite meal, take them shopping, or do something that they love. If you can’t make it in person, send them flowers or get them a gift card for their favorite store.

Send thoughtful gifts that show you care

Happy birthday! One of the best ways to make someone’s day is through thoughtful gifts that show you care. This can be as simple as buying them their favorite drink and giving them the day off from work, or it can be more extravagant like taking them out for dinner. The great thing about gifts is that they don’t have to be expensive, but they should come from the heart.

Plan an event for them

Give them a day of pampering with an all-day spa package. Or, if they live in your area, take them out for dinner and then watch the sunset on the beach. For those who are too far away to visit, send them their favorite flowers or some chocolates. Whatever you decide to do, it will make all the difference in making their birthday one they’ll never forget.

Call and talk about it later

It’s important to acknowledge the birthday of your loved ones, but sometimes it can be hard to know what would be the perfect way to do so. The best way you can wish them a happy birthday is by spending time with them and making sure they feel cared for, no matter what kind of day they are having.

Leave a handwritten note

I hope this note finds you happy and healthy. I know it’s been a while since we had the chance to talk, but I miss hearing about your day. You always have the best stories!

Anyway, I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and thank you for everything that you do for me. Thank you for being there when I need someone and for never giving up on me even when things got hard.

Buy their favorite dessert/sweets online

Buying their favorite dessert is one of the best ways to make their day. There are plenty of online shops that sell sweet treats like ice cream, cake, and cookies. You can even order online and have it delivered so they don’t even have to leave the house!

Send heartfelt wishes on social media.

Write a heartfelt message on their Facebook or Instagram wall. Send them an email with your birthday wish. Follow up with an old-fashioned phone call. Send them a card in the mail. Or, take the extra step and plan something special for them – like lunch out, breakfast in bed, or even an intimate dinner just for two of you!

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