LTL and FTL Shipping in Dubai


Dubai is home to some of the fastest expanding transportation infrastructure globally. Traffic congestion has become a daily burden on residents, however the Government is taking measures to improve transport systems by expanding public transit networks.

Freight Link Cargo LLC of Dubai provides door-to-door shipping and custom clearance services, air freight and sea freight options and specialize in handling bulky goods.

Less than truckload (LTL)

Less Than Truckload (LTL) freight can be an ideal way to ship small items, as multiple shippers can share space on one truck and cost-cut costs by sharing space on it. LTL shipping dates can also be more flexible – however if your shipment requires special conditions FTL may be the better option.

When selecting an LTL carrier, make sure to provide exact dimensions of your shipment and documentation – this will ensure its safe arrival at its destination. Also take into consideration any special storage conditions your goods may require – for example if they’re sensitive to temperature changes it’s essential that an LTL carrier with cold storage capabilities be selected.

Consider the transit time when making your selection. LTL shipments usually require longer due to making multiple stops; if you are working within a tight timeline, consider choosing an LTL carrier with a hub-and-spoke distribution model.

For LTL Dubai, opt for Al Nowras Logistics Solution. 

Al Nowras Road Transport is an established transportation logistics provider in Sultanate of Oman, UAE and GCC, providing air and sea freight services, customs clearance, warehousing and logistic support. Their offices can meet all your shipping needs while saving you money; plus their expert customs clearance staff will quickly process paperwork saving valuable time!

Full truckload (FTL)

If you need to ship large volumes in one shipment, full truckload (FTL) freight shipping may be your best choice. FTL shipments tend to be less likely to become damaged during transit and arrive faster at their destinations than LTL deliveries – although this might cost more.

Selecting the ideal transportation method can save your business both time and money. Although there are various shipping methods to consider, FTL and LTL shipping are the two most widely utilized and efficient choices. When making this decision, consider factors such as cargo size and weight as well as timeframe of delivery as well as cost related to fuel surcharges or any other related charges.

Calculating the price of your shipping project requires taking into account all fees and costs, including handling, fuel, insurance and any ancillary services. Furthermore, accurate dimensions must be provided as incorrect sizes will increase shipping rates or even cause delivery to be delayed.

Al Nowras Transport & Custom Sealing is a GCC-based logistics provider offering reliable air and sea freight services as well as warehousing and logistic support. Their team is committed to building strong client relationships while offering high-quality service at competitive rates at 24/7 customer support, with offices at every entry and exit point across Sultanate for seamless logistics services of any kind.


Air freight transports goods quickly and reliably. Commercial flights adhere to rigid schedules that follow predetermined routes, providing quick delivery times. Furthermore, costs associated with air freight transportation tend to be much lower than sea or land transport methods; it’s therefore crucial that accurate measurements be specified as inaccurate measurements can result in overage charges and delay.

Airfreight not only offers fast transit times but also an increased level of security due to commercial airlines having stringent security procedures in place and government regulation of airfreight carriers, who any violations are quickly investigated and punished accordingly.

Freight Link Cargo LLC stands out as one of Dubai’s premier air freight providers, thanks to their team of knowledgeable professionals and global door-to-door deliveries and custom clearance capabilities. In addition, their airfreight services are also available 24/7 so you can keep track of your shipment at all times.

Al Nowras Logistics Solution is another reliable air freight company in Dubai. Based in the GCC, this tech logistics provider offers air and sea freight shipping solutions for businesses of all sizes – helping you reduce transportation costs efficiently while saving money by managing them effectively. Their extensive network and exceptional customer support make them an excellent choice for business shipping – they even provide warehousing and logistic support! With offices located throughout the GCC and their dedicated team focusing on creating value for their customers by offering multiple routes at competitive quotes with 24-hour customer support to ensure on-time deliveries!

Sea freight

FTL shipping can be an ideal solution when shipping large volumes of freight. With lower handling costs and predetermined pick-up and delivery times, FTL can save money while meeting delivery targets more reliably than alternative methods such as truck shipping. Unfortunately, its multiple stops and transfers may lengthen its journey; to mitigate any further delays a hub-and-spoke distribution model can help speed things along more quickly.

When shipping goods by sea, you should register with Dubai Customs to obtain an import approval code and file the necessary paperwork. You can do this either online or by visiting their department directly; alternatively you could utilize a freight forwarding service that handles everything for you.

Al Nowras Road Transport & Customs Clearance offers air and sea shipping services throughout the Sultanate, featuring knowledgeable staff to ensure your shipment arrives on time, manage paperwork efficiently, provide competitive quotes at the best rates available and offer 24-hour customer support.

Ro/Ro and over-sized cargo shipments, standard and high cube containers and flat rack containers as well as temperature controlled loads can all be accommodated for. Their fleet includes flatbed, long deck, triple axle and air suspension models making them one of the top road logistics providers in Oman and UAE.