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    Laura Archbold

    If you’re interested in Laura Archbold’s personal life, you have come to the right place. Here, you will find out more about the Colombian actress and model. She is the daughter of Rafael Archbold Joseph and Maria Matilde Rodriguez Jaimes. She is currently in a relationship with Diego Cadavid.

    Laura Archbold was born to Rafael Archbold Joseph and Maria Matilde Rodriguez Jaimes

    Laura Archbold is a Colombian actress and model. Her parents are Rafael Archbold Joseph and Maria Matild Rodriguez Jaimes. Her parents live in a posh house in the suburbs of Bogota, and she loves spending time with them. Her net worth is estimated at $500k.

    She is currently 33 years old and carries a net worth of $500k – 600k. She was raised in Colombia and is a Colombian national. Her parents are Rafael Archbold Joseph and Maria Matild Rodriguez Jaimes. She has one brother named Mateo Archbold Rodriguez.

    Laura Archbold is a Colombian actress who was born on 28 September 1989. She has appeared in many Tv shows. She portrayed the role of Luna in the film Malcriados. Her father, Rafael Archbold Joseph, is a wealthy Colombian businessman. Laura Archbold was raised in a wealthy family and was raised alongside her younger brother. She has a younger brother, and has appeared on several tv shows as an actress.

    She has a Taurus horoscope

    The birth chart of Laura Archbold reveals a Taurus personality. The natal chart is an individual’s planetary coordinates at the time of birth. To calculate Laura Archbold’s natal chart, you will need her date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth. From there, you can find out which of the twelve signs she was born under, and which was her rising sign.

    She is a Colombian national

    Laura Archbold is a Colombian-born television actress. She rose to fame after starring in the TV show La nina. In 2013, she was in a relationship with Colombian actor Diego Cadavid.

    The two have been seen sharing adorable photos together. Laura Archbold is 31 years old. She is in a romantic relationship with Diego Cadavid, a famous Colombian actor. The two have been sharing cute photos together on social media. Diego was previously married to a Colombian model named Carolina Guerra in 2009. The couple separated in 2013. There is no information available on Laura Archbold’s past relationships.

    Laura Archbold was born on September 28, 1989. She is a Libra and was raised in Colombia. Her parents are Rafael Archbold Joseph and Mara Matilde Rodrguez Jaimes. She has a brother named Mateo. Laura Archbold is close to her family. She rarely discusses her family life in public.

    She is in a relationship with Diego Cadavid

    Laura Archbold is dating a famous Colombian actor, Diego Cadavid. The pair has been spotted in cute pictures together on social media. Diego Cadavid was previously married to Colombian model Carolina Guerra. The couple divorced in 2013. Laura Archbold has no past history, so it is unclear if the two are dating or just friends. However, they have been seen in cute pictures together in public.

    Diego Cadavid and Laura Archbold started dating in 2012, before the former was crowned the beauty queen of San Andres in 2012. However, the couple distanced themselves again shortly afterward and returned to their previous relationships. Despite this, it seems that the couple is dating again.

    Laura Archbold was born in Colombia and is from a well-to-do family. She is close with her parents and has a younger brother. Laura Archbold also considers herself an artist and enjoys surfing. To know more visit



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