Kudremukh Trek is located in Karnataka. It begins from the Mullodi Hills, a check post in the forest part of a small village. It is situated in the Chikmagalur district, which is located near the place Kalasa. This peak is regarded as one of the tall peaks found in Karnataka. This peak is 6213 ft in height and hence it is chosen for trekking by adventurous people. In Kannada, Kudremukh gives the meaning of that of a ‘horse face’. The mountains appear to be like a pony and therefore it is given such a name.


This trek is also a place of love for all the people who love to admire the beauty of Nature. On this particular trek, there is a thick forest which is covered with lots of trees and rivers. There is no doubt in saying that this place is a heaven for all the daredevils and trekkers. The trekking experience that people get is amazing irrespective of first-time trekkers as well as experts. This experience cannot be expressed as such. One needs to go there and feel the same.

This place is renowned for its minerals as well as its biodiversity. This is usually a crowded place since many people used to visit here. If you go deep into the dense forest then you will be able to find the animals or the wildlife. So, for seeing the flora and fauna one needs to delve deep into the jungle. The rivers which add beauty to this place by being ornaments, like the Tunga and Netravati, originate from this area.

You can breathe the fresh air there. A visual treat to your eyes is present there; that is., the field of rare orchids. This is found near the way to the grasslands. This place is a kind of pilgrimage and is known for its five sacred ponds which include the Amba Teertha, Vasishta Teertha, Naga Teertha, Rudra Teertha, and Varaha Teertha. This place’s beauty is increased with the Hanuman Gundi waterfall. This National Park as well as the Hanuman Gundi waterfall pave the path to trekking in Kudremukh.


For entering the Kudremukh Forest area, there are certain rules. The pass to enter the forest is given only for 50 trekkers in a single day. Kudremukh National Park is another destination there, which you can visit. From the check post itself, the officers present there will count the number of passengers and then will give permission to them. If you do not get a pass because of any reason, then you can try on the next day. There is also a National Park and to reach here, you need to have permission. Also, you need the help of an authorized guide as well.


During the monsoon time, Kudremukh is elevated by its beauty. A grassy-green platform is seen from the peak during this time. This place is also known by the name Mini-Scotland of India. It is, no doubt, a perfect spot for all the people who enjoy trekking. The thickly grown Shola forest along with the grasslands adds more beauty to the place. The best time to visit here is from October to February.


You have to reach Bangalore and you can leave from there in the evening itself. It is advised not to have heavy food before traveling. You will have some quality time there. Kalasa is the nearby town of Kudremukh. From Hassan road, you can travel to Bellur and from there you have to reach Kalasa. From Kalasa you have to reach Balgal, which is known as the starting point of the Kudremukh trek.

You can stay in Mullodi Hills, which provides you with different nice homestays. These homestays will provide you with a campfire also. The Government Tourism Department also provides stay in tents or cottages as well. You will get refreshed and feel cheerful for beginning your adventure. There are so many streams of water available there which adds to the beauty of the place.

This place is the heart of nature. You will experience the chirping of birds, the chilled breeze, the flowing water, etc. on the way. This scenery gives you extra energy and enthusiasm to walk through the mountains. A zig-zag mannered trail is found there which acts as a bridging one to the Kudremukh peak’s trail. You will be provided with guides in Kudremukh. You can return the next day to Bangalore and from there to your place. 


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