Know All About Bible Reproductions

Bible Reproductions

Bible reproductions are a treat to behold. Not everyone may be able to buy the steeply-priced rare and ancient Bibles available today in a handful of reputed and reliable places. For them, facsimile reproductions of antique Bibles are the best alternatives as they don’t dig a hole in their pockets.

These affordable but high-quality alternatives are the exact facsimile reproductions of antique Bibles. Holding them in your hands will let you forget the disappointment of not acquiring the original English Bible translations. Before you start searching where you can buy these Bible reproductions from The Bible Museum, you need to know what they stand for.

Facsimile Bible Reproductions – What Are They?

These refer to precise photographic reproductions or exact duplicate copies created from the original. Thus, these facsimile reproductions make it affordable for anyone to start building their own collection of the original English Bible translations.

When buying Bible reproductions, you need to know what you are getting against the money paid. For this, becoming aware of the process behind creating these reproductions is important. Reputed dealers known for their excellent facsimile reproductions have a lengthy process involving the removal of binding of their original ancient Bibles and scanning each page carefully.

Both sides of every page of the original Bible are scanned at a super-high resolution to create a digital photograph of the page. Since the process is repeated, one page at a time, it takes several days to scan the hundreds of images ancient Bibles typically have.

After the scanning is complete, the images get loaded into a top-grade computerized printing machine that’s fitted with premium-grade paper. After the printing is finished, a complete set of pages for a facsimile reproduction is ready. These pages are given to a custom binding shop, where they are bound one by one in hardcover bonded leather.

Unlike mass-market publications printed several thousand copies at a clip, most Bible reproductions are produced in small quantities of just a few hundred Bible Reproductions per press run, so the per-unit production costs are high, due to there being very little economy of scale, and that means these “small batch” niche market items are not cheap. In other words, the per-unit production costs are pretty high as reputed dealers of such Bible reproductions sell just a few hundred facsimiles annually to their niche market. This niche market is typically made of Christians who want to own a piece of the history of the Bible without breaking the bank.

Getting your hands on these reproductions will set you back by a few hundred dollars. This is an extremely affordable alternative if you consider what the original antique Bibles cost.

You should be able to differentiate between cheap photocopy Bible reproductions and high-quality, hand-assembled ones. Getting the latter from a reliable dealer of antique and rare Bibles would mean buying facsimiles worth every dime and bound beautifully, something the cheap duplicates or photocopies can’t guarantee.

Where Can You Buy Facsimile Bible Reproductions From?

Referrals from family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues can help you find reliable dealers in person or online. You just need to check if what you are buying is really and literally the exact Bible reproduction that looks just like the original down to the images, texts, and even the minute details like the shape of the punctuation marks.

It pays to remember that Bible reproductions aren’t reprints of antique editions where the layout artist may try to reconstruct something that simply looks very similar to the original but isn’t an exact facsimile. When buying facsimile reproductions, ensure they look completely identical to the original antique and rare Bibles because these pages are meant to be made from photographs of the original book.

You can also bid on online bidding sites to get Bible reproductions, but if you aren’t an expert, it will be wiser to seek an expert’s advice before striking the final deal. Else, you may be promised the moon but realize too late that you haven’t been delivered what was promised.  

There are a few reputed dealers online that sell antique Bibles and authentic Bible reproductions that are worth buying. Just imagine spending a few hundred dollars and getting a Bible reproduction of the First Edition of the 1560 Geneva Bible (where the original costs $35,000) or the 1385 Wycliffe New Testament (where the original is worth $2 million). Getting your hands on these antique facsimiles of God’s Word from a reputed dealer is worth the effort and money.

Final Thoughts

Be it the facsimile reproductions of the 1535 Coverdale – the first printed English Bible, the heavily illustrated 1536 Tyndale New Testament, or the 1611 KJV, each of them is worth buying. Do your homework well to buy your Bible reproductions at a reasonable price from a reliable dealer and share the joy of owning this prized possession with your friends and family.   


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