IVD: A Vital Diagnostic Technique for Healthcare


A growing number of IVD companies are beginning to employ in vitro diagnostics as their method of diagnosis as a result of the development of new technologies and developments in the healthcare sector. This article will introduce some of Wondfo’s products while examining the intimate connection between laboratory medicine and IVD.

The intimate connection between IVD and laboratory medicine

Good communication between laboratory medicine and IVD providers is crucial as the usage of in vitro diagnostics (IVD) rises. Some organizations have created specific codes of conduct or standards for IVD providers and laboratory scientists to aid in communication.

By the recommended practice, laboratories should “actively engage in the development of diagnostic testing methods and assess their accuracy and reliability” and “work closely with IVD providers to ensure the compatibility of diagnostic tests with patient care.” Because IVDs are frequently used to diagnose illnesses that call for visits or pricey tests in hospital labs, this intimate link is essential.

Regarding Wondfo Products

The Flu series, which has a strong track record, is Wondfo’s flagship product. It is the sole item in China to hold a registration certificate for the H7 subtype of avian influenza virus antigen detection. And it has the widest selection of detection menus of any influenza detection product in China (H7, FIuA, FIuB, FIuA&B).

Wondfo has recently introduced a molecular diagnostic technology platform to more precisely diagnose disorders associated with tumors, infectious diseases, and influenza.


Wondfo is a business committed to offering the medical community cutting-edge diagnostic solutions. You may find out more about our goods and services on our website. Anyone wishing to buy diagnostic tools or inquire about their present needs can find a wealth of information here.


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