Immigration Laws For British Nationals Overseas

The acronym BN is short for British National (Overseas), and the term has been linked to the former colony of Hong Kong. However, the term BN is not limited to this region

Immigration Laws For British Nationals Overseas
Immigration Laws For British Nationals Overseas

The acronym BN is short for British National (Overseas), and the term has been linked to the former colony of Hong Kong. However, the term BN is not limited to this region. For example, it includes British nationals who hold passports issued by Hong Kong. This article explores the responsibilities and rights of British nationals holding BN(O) passports in the UK. The following are some examples of cases where BNO Visa and  passport holders may be subject to immigration laws.

British nationals

The abbreviation BN stands for British National (Overseas). BNs are typically associated with the former colony of Hong Kong. However, British nationals overseas are not limited to Hong Kong. In fact, they may be living in any country around the world. Below are a few other places where British nationals can live. This article aims to give you an overview of the different types of British nationals and how to find them. You must know about the bctv news contests for Canada breaking news and the latest news.

BN(O) citizens can use their British passport as long as they meet certain criteria. This includes being an adult, having a partner, or being over 18 years of age. BN(O) citizens can also seek consular assistance from UK diplomatic posts. However, they are not allowed to abode permanently in the UK and must meet the requirements of the UK immigration system. Therefore, they should only travel to the UK with a visa to visit family and friends.

Hong Kong (British Nationality) Order 1986

British Nationality (BNO) status is a form of citizenship which has been granted to citizens of the former British Dependent Territories. People who have connections to Hong Kong, whether during the time when it was under British control or later, can apply to become British Nationals of the United Kingdom. BNO status is not an automatic right of abode in the UK. However, if you wish to live in the UK permanently, you must apply to become a British Citizen.

Those who are citizens of British Dependent Territories but whose citizenship has not been revoked by law, or are awaiting a court order, will no longer be British nationals. Immigration Lawyer London has established a new form of British nationality for those people. These people will be known as British Nationals (Overseas). Article 2 outlines the relevant connections between Hong Kong and the British State. Articles 5 and 6 remove Hong Kong from the category of British Dependent Territories. Article 7 amends various existing enactments relating to British Nationality.

Right of abode

If you are a British national living abroad and want to remain in the country, you can apply for a right of abode. The right of abode does not expire, and neither does your certificate of entitlement. However, if your travel document or passport expires, your right of abode will also cease to exist. Therefore, you must apply for a new passport or travel document and fix your certificate of entitlement in it.

The law of 1983 grants the British national overseas the right to remain in the country, unless they are already resident there. In most cases, they will need to have one of their parents be British. However, Commonwealth citizens may meet the requirement for the right of abode if they have a British born parent. This means that people from the “old” Commonwealth countries are more likely to meet these requirements. This is especially the case if they have been living in the UK since 1983.

Rights of holders of BN(O) passports in the UK

Holders of a British national overseas passport (BN(O)) have many rights to the UK that British Citizens do not. However, the British government does not give BNOs a Right of Abode in the UK. British National (Overseas) citizenship is not transferable or inheritable. As a result, a British National (Overseas) passport is not transferable. It is not possible to pass on this nationality to a child, and it cannot be acquired after the registration period closed in 1997.

While the UK does not grant Dual Citizenship to all people, British National (Overseas) passport holders may apply for permanent residency. If granted permanent residency, BN(O) holders may also bring their spouses or children under 18 to the UK. Dependents of a BN(O) citizen may be granted a BN(O) visa under exceptional circumstances. They must be members of the same household and live at the same address as the BN(O) passport holder.

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