How to Plan Gokarna Beach Trek



Gokarna Beach Trek is the delightful way to go Beach Hopping in Gokarna. You may startle the Trek from either Kudle Beach flank or Paradise Beach hand. This journey aims to cover all the major strands of Gokarna on the bottom by crossing the hills standing in between these strands. These hills have a green cover for the better part of the time and stand mightily against the majestic Arabian Sea.

The Gokarna Beach Trek is roughly a 10 km long journey cum hike including walking through the strands. The whole trip would include a one-way ferry lift and a one-way journey. It can fluently be done in around 5-6 hours although it depends upon how important time would you spend at all the strands, for lunch and print stops. Gokarna is a hot place and the sun gets relatively harsh during the summer months. Hence, the stylish time to do this journey is from October to February.

How difficult is the Gokarna Beach Trek?

Gokarna Beach Trek is an easy journey for any average person with introductory fitness. That is if you’re active at least many times a week, it’s going to be an easy journey for you. This isn’t a veritably laborious journey though the sun could be a little harsh. So apply sunscreen and be doused for a delightful day! The major part of the journey involves hiking through the hills and crossing the same to arrive at the coming sand. Still, there’s a little climbing, crossing of jewels and boulders on the way too.

Why should you do this Trek?

You may have the question about why should you do the Gokarna Beach Trek but we will ask you WHY NOT! We’ve done this journey multiple times and then’s Why Everyone Should Do the Gokarna Beach Trek –

  • Hiking along the seacoast is THE Stylish WAY to Xplore Gokarna and Xperience its true beauty! So gutter the idea of renting a vehicle and going to these strands!
  • Your vehicle won’t be suitable to take you to all the Strands! Half Moon Beach and Paradise sand are accessible only by a hike or ferry!
  • Ferry Lift is precious! If you plan to visit multiple strands, it’s stylish to do so on the bottom! One-way lift from Om Beach to Paradise Beach will bring around. 300!
  • The views you get to see on this Trek are worth all the trouble you put in! It’s such a Rewarding Xperience in itself! If you’re lucky enough, you can Spot Dolphins from many escarpments near Half Moon Beach!
  • It’s among the only many destinations or conditioning that offer hills as well as strands together. You learn to hike and you learn to swim numerous moments in a single daytime!

Gokarna Beach Trek – All Details

Gokarna Beach Trek substantially covers the four significant strands of Gokarna – Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Half Moon Beach and Paradise Beach. You may likewise step into the Gokarna Main Beach and Belekan Beach but these can be tripped.

Where to start the Trek from?

Option 1

The Gokarna Beach Trek can be started from either of the minima ends – i.e., Gokarna Main Beach or Balkan Beach. Still, there isn’t any trail in between Gokarna Main Beach and Kudle Beach. You have to grasp the prevailing roadway to pass at Kudle Beach and this is why Gokarna Main Beach is not a portion of the Gokarna Beach Trek. accordingly, you may startle the trip at Kudle Beach and startle pacing towards Paradise Beach.

The advantage that you get in this option is that you can spend further morning time on Kudle Beach and Om Beach which are the most delightful to syncope at. In extension to this, the after half of the trip – after Om Beach, is mainly through the forestland. This is furthermore soothing when the sun is beaming heartily. The main disadvantage of this option is that the last ferry is available at around 530 to 600 pm and you have to be apprehensive of the time to make it agone to your stay unless you are staying on Paradise Beach. Another drawback of this add-on would be that there are truly numerous ferries that drop you until Kudle Beach. Utmost ferries only drop you till Om Beach and in case you’re late, you may still have to hike back towards Kudle Beach in the dark, which isn’t safe. However, this option is not truly realizable for you, If you arrange on coming down in the afternoon from Labyrinth on an even day.

Option 2

Alternately, you may choose to start the Gokarna Beach Trek from Belekan Beach or ParadiseBeach.However, your journey will substantially start from Belekan Beach, If you join a group stint from Bangalore or any other megacity. If you’re doing this journey without a stint driver (which is veritably important and doable and possible) you can rather take a ferry to Paradise Beach and start the journey directly from there. You will precisely be skipping out on the 1 –1.5 km hike from Belekan Beach to Paradise Beach.

This option has two main advantages. You’ll also be back in time for the evening. The only drawback of this attachment is that the prevalence of ferries from Kudle to Paradise Beach is less.


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