How to Find a Mutual Divorce Lawyer in Delhi?


Delhi’s experienced divorce lawyers will reduce your stress and save you time. Divorce is a difficult decision for couples and creates a lot of uncertainty and anxiety as there are many causes why couples decide to break up. However, the most crucial thing in an amicable divorce is for both partners to reach mutual understanding and consent and make joint decisions. If both males and females agree to dissolve the marriage, a joint petition for a consensual divorce is filed with the Family Court. If you decide to separate and end your wedding, we can help make the whole process as painless as possible. The best mutual consent divorce lawyers in Delhi to assist you in the process.  

Connect with the best lawyer and get your life back on track in no time. They know that divorce cases are very delicate and how to handle your case can have a massive impact on your life. They take the responsibility very seriously. Attorneys act as agents, and clients act as clients. Their attorneys will provide the honest and practical advice you need to resolve your case.

Marriage happiness depends on the mutual relationship between husband and wife, which leads to the failure of the marriage. Without a doubt, divorce is a stressful and frustrating process. However, the Divorce specialist lawyer in Delhi provides sound and comprehensive guidance on marriage breakdowns, including alimony filing, child custody and more! We are the best Delhi Divorce Attorneys to guide you through the legal process and assist you in the nerve-wracking journey until you get justice. To find the best divorce attorney, we recommend starting with a recommendation from a close friend or family member. Otherwise, you can search online.

Consent Divorce Procedures

  • Allocate Mutual Divorce Lawyers in Delhi. We provide experienced lawyers as per your requirements.
  • Documents and Surveys Provides a checklist of documents for collecting data.
  • DOCUMENTS EXAMINATION Next, I need to send her a copy of a clear scan of the marriage papers for inspection.
  • Draft Legal Notice Attorney prepares a draft within 3-4 business days of her and submits it for approval.
  • Draft Petition Within seven days of receipt of documents, a draft petition will be prepared and submitted for approval.
  • Imprint sent After your consent, and the attorney will send an impression on his letterhead.
  • Signed Draft Please print and sign the Draft and send it by courier/mail.

Documents Required for Amicable Divorce

  •   Marriage Certificate or Marriage Certificate
  •   Two Joint Marriage Photographs
  •   Two Passport Photos of Both Parties
  •   Adhaar Card and Proof of Recent Address of Both Parties

Delhi Divorce Lawyer is an experienced Marriage Law based attorney based in Delhi NCR who has practised in all courts of Delhi, including the High and Supreme Courts of India and the courts of Gurgaon and Faridabad. 


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