How to choose the best cleanroom chairs


We offer durable, ergonomic chairs which are designed specifically for cleanroom & lab seating.  Choose our Cleanroom Chairs for top performance in an extensive variety of environments including industry, teaching, lab, static control & healthcare.

Each Cleanroom Chairs features a diverse base to meet numerous environmental & budget demands. Round upholstered seats with trapezoid lumbar support backrests are standard and electrostatic discharge and cleanroom chairs provide entire body support for prolonged sitting while aiding workers from static discharge & environmental pollutants. They are most commonly used in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, computer, & medical equipment industries. The Cleanroom Chairs also have pneumatic seats that adjust to an ideal working height. These Cleanroom Chairs are made of non-conductive materials, like static-free fabric, & static-free slides or casters. The Cleanroom chairs have durable seats & backs that resist punctures & damage from water, and most chemicals.

How To Choose the best Cleanroom Chair

When it comes to selecting a cleanroom chair, there are numerous aspects to consider.

Cleanroom Organization for Cleanroom Chairs

The primary factor that you need to consider when buying a cleanroom chair is the organization of your cleanroom. Cleanrooms are classified by class as Class 1, Class 10, Class 100, & Class 1000 & by ISO standards like ISO levels 1-9, depending on the supreme particulates per cubic meter. The cleanest cleanrooms have the slightest number of particulates.

Wheels For the Cleanroom Chairs

Another determining factor for cleanroom chairs is whether you want to be able to easily move around on them. We bid on a variety of cleanroom chairs with wheels, which are known as casters or gliders.

The Heights for Cleanroom Chairs

Height also plays a good role in deciding which cleanroom chair is t   finest for you. We have fixed height for cleanroom chairs, as well as changeable height cleanroom chairs.

Best Features of Cleanroom Chairs

The other best features that derive from our cleanroom chairs include armrests & footrests.

Colours Of the Cleanroom Chairs

Finally, you can ponder colour when choosing a cleanroom chair. We cleanroom chairs in the subsequent colours like blue cleanroom chairs, black cleanroom chairs, white cleanroom chairs, grey cleanroom chairs, red cleanroom chairs, etc. In addition to cleanroom chairs, we also have a wide selection of cleanroom furniture, including cleanroom tables, cleanroom workstations, & cleanroom cabinets.

Seats and Backrest

  • Cleanroom class is compatible with upholstered vinyl material
  • The processed material of Polyvinyl chloride & Rayon upholstered on PU molded foam with a density of 123Kg/m3
  • The material is also tested for use in the class cleanroom & is designed not to make any contaminants
  • With the wide plastic trim at the combined part of the seat & back, dust from the urethane cushion can’t escape easily
  • The cleanroom seat cushion is bounded by dustproof cloth. The dustproof cloth & other dirt from the cushion can’t escape easily
  • Backrest Tilt with a good tension adjustment

    The normal cleanroom chairs are non-ergonomic & inflexible which makes sitting on them & working for longer hours in a colder cleanroom environment a tedious task. But our blue cleanroom chairs, have a backrest tilting feature that provides spring tension & supports the back of all the users. This is an ergonomic feature that is provided to help the customers sit & work comfortably for long hours

The Complete Steel Body

    The complete Steel body includes the backrest bar, the full mechanism, the foot-ring, and the star base making the chair corrosion-resistant & rust-free. This is exactly useful as the properties of Steel allow it to be used in a cleanroom without any issues. The steel body also allows the lab chair to be cleaned easily without causing any rusting issue

The best World-class Gas spring

    The proprietary system is also available in numerous height adjustment ranges. The hard chrome-plated piston and spindle pipe provide additional reliability & corrosion resistance and the best cleanliness level is achieved.

The Antistatic ESD Products – To lessen the possibility of contamination, particles are enfolded before packing

Cleaner Pack Shipment – All chairs are easily packed after the test. This will aid easy installation when the client starts to use our products.

Want to purchase the best cleanroom chairs?

We manufacture cleanroom chairs in an environment where extra dust & dirt are not deposited. Also, our cleanroom chair packing will be nice, and the chair is easily washed by air to remove the dust & dirt when installing it in the client’s cleanroom you can contact us for the best cleanroom chairs.


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