How do School Management Systems Support ERP Implementation in Educational Institutions?

How do School Management Systems Support ERP Implementation in Educational Institutions?


What is school management software?

Each institution is based on a complex network of interconnected departments organized by well-functioning management systems. The school’s management system acts as a bridge between parents, students, teachers and board members. A website for interaction and exchange of information, data, statistics and resources, an important tool to ensure the harmonious and continuous integration of the person (student, teacher) and the educational institution. For example:

Student; DNI, registration number, examination fees, certificates, certificates, etc.

Teacher; Identity, Schedule, Exams, Reports, PTA, Certificate, Salary etc.

Finance; Examination fees, tuition fees, school fees, salaries, etc.

Save to computer; Library, maps, reports, furniture, laboratory, dining room, etc.

Thus, the different elements of the management system are connected to each other.

What are the main functions of the school management system?

The role of the school management system can be divided into three main elements.

  • time efficiency
  • Operation/Management
  • nice and simple

With the system, a person on the move can easily enter and process data, analyze results, save and publish. The whole process can be repeated with somewhat the same efficiency each time. Suitable for all fields of study (management, accounting, academic, etc.).

Why should you use a school management system?

Schools are not only educational centers, but also places of interaction with business and other people. The data of each service is stored in a central location that allows access to the local network (LAN); In other words, the school management system makes it easy to store and share information between different parts of the school.

Main features of the school management system;

Centralized data storage; Aggregate data is public, so it is easy to share data between departments and all managers. School Management not only simplifies information management, but also works as an automatic system that is easy to use and learn.

Reliable and modern; The central system is secure and is updated in real time with each new order. Thus, it helps the concerned people to get the latest news and updates immediately.

Alerts and warnings; An important feature of the school management system is its transparency. Students, teachers, parents and other system administrators receive notifications based on their career and role in the system.

Features of school management software;

Student information; All student information stored in the school management software is instantly updated, including attendance records, progress reports and graphs. The information is available to students, parents, teachers and others. Transparency creates a holistic relationship between different departments. For example, in a PTA meeting, the student’s entire package, attendance, grades and test results, achievements, medical information and income, salary status and much more. can be used for review and evaluation.

Child lock; Monitoring your child’s activities is very important for all parents. The school manager system allows parents to monitor their child’s academic performance and extracurricular efforts through various portals on the school website. Advanced systems even notify parents when their children miss class and send notifications about upcoming tests and payments.

Teacher speech; School management systems increase the effectiveness of teachers in performing various tasks in the school; For example, you can create lesson plans and timetables, maintain attendance data, grades and performance reports, classify and view personal attendance, leave and salary data.

System updates for advanced software technology; Artificial intelligence technology has added several time-saving tools to school management systems to make daily operations more efficient. Artificial intelligence tools provide, for example, up-to-date information about the school’s transportation system for route planning to get locations and directions on maps.

Personal communication; Effective communication channels are essential to ensure the academic excellence of students. Open portals on school websites show student progress and overall performance. Additionally, group interactions between teachers, parents, and students help create a clear framework for defining goals and three-way roles through targeted communication tools such as text messages, voicemail, and email. An automated system saves time and reduces the number of people needed to perform such simple reporting functions.

Keys that prevent the school management system from regularly accessing your work schedule;

Lack of necessary resources; Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is often compared to the internal corruption involved in creating inventories and hiring the necessary staff for a good school management system. A clear understanding of the resources needed for different goals should be a priority for companies. The implementation of the project is essential for the success of the plan. A core ERP team must be dynamic and proactive, from team leaders managing junior talent to accountants and HR representatives to employees supporting people programs. If necessary, you should also consider outsourcing to ensure long-term productivity.

Trained personnel or users; School management systems are most effective when they are used by professionals who have experience using a variety of tools, features and functions. The lifespan of a private school management system is half a decade; In other words, the school’s permanent teaching team usually completes two LCE courses. Since ERP has been used in the organization for a long time, experienced personnel are needed who know the use, management and control of the corresponding ERP models, especially the user interface and workload.

Distinguish between conservative and non-conservative restructuring; Converting existing data and end-user interface designs can be time-consuming and expensive; Management must comprehensively analyze all aspects and prepare a detailed plan for the changes to be made. Starting ERP implementations with a clear view of the results helps reduce unnecessary costs and system downtime. Privatization of the school management system should not be done as a frivolous reform, but based on justice, necessity and achievement of goals.

The database is insufficient or inaccurate; ERP must have the necessary user database. Incomplete and incorrect information weakens the quality of the results and prevents the system from working effectively.

Lack of strategic planning; The school management system is easy to use, but difficult to implement. Therefore, it must be integrated with ERP step by step to be successful. The ERP strategy must be aligned with the goals and objectives of the organization. Miscalculations and lack of strategic consultation with experts involved in system design and implementation can lead to bugs and malfunctions that prevent the software from working properly.

  • strategic planning
  • to repair
  • Long term and short term goals
  • program schedule
  • Financial goals and benefits

It must be considered in strategic planning, the failure of which leads to poor and incomplete results and financial losses.

The school management app system improves the efficiency of the school and gives it more positive attention and a competitive advantage over its competitors. Although upgrading is more expensive, upgrading to the latest technology saves time and effort and eliminates the possibility of communication errors. This simplifies and simplifies task management. Keep all your important files in one place for easy file sharing and access. Automatic and time saving; significantly reduces the need for manual processing and data processing.


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