Handy Tips to Evaluate the Database Quality and Usability


Availing of third-party database subscriptions has become a common practice for both start-ups and established companies. No matter how efficient, in-house data compilation has its limits. A top-notch B2B database can only fuel the ambitious drive of new-age businesses in highly competitive markets. It saves time and money, consistently filling the sales pipeline with high-quality leads.

Evaluating the Standards of Data Selling Companies

Collaborating with the right data-selling companies can help businesses attain phenomenal growth quickly. A high-quality prospect database comprises verified contacts (individual details and firm graphics) that comply with the ICP. On the contrary, investing in a low-grade or outdated database can wreak havoc on sales and marketing endeavours.

7 Useful Tips to Adjudge B2B Database Quality and Usability

Before shortlisting data-selling companies, knowing how to evaluate database viability is paramount. The following factors are critical in making the right database outsourcing choice:-

  1. A Well-updated Database with End-to-End Validation– B2B Data is highly dynamic. Therefore, AI-driven, real-time upgrades are necessary. The database quality can always be upheld, coupled with manual validation.
  2. Relevant Database Filters– The data filters and projections must be highly insightful and accurate for effectively sorting and scoring leads. The marketing team should be able to access micro-niches within specific market segments using the filters. Identifying high-value leads and eliminating the void ones should be eased out. Also, with the help of useful data projections, one can determine which prospects could potentially have an immediate need to purchase or renew.
  3. Both Wide and Narrow Data Points- On one hand, broad company data is required for a general overview. However, for targeted marketing campaigns, razor-sharp details are required depending on the product/service sold and the business profile. Database providers should be willing to serve on both ends of the spectrum.
  4. Direct Contact Details of Organisational Decision-Makers– Merely providing landline numbers or generic email ids freely available on the business website is worthless. A credible and useful B2B database has the organisation’s official mobile numbers and direct emails of key designations.
  5. Smooth Integration with Marketing Software– Availing free samples and asking for trial runs is necessary before going ahead with the full-fledged database purchase or subscription. Integration hassles, if any, should be identified and resolved at the very outset.
  6. Database Maintenance Services– Regular database cleaning ensures consistently high data integrity. The service provider should mention the data maintenance schedule in detail before the purchase.
  7. High Accuracy and Deliverability Guarantee– Whether it is the email deliverability rate or telemarketing success ratio, the database provider must provide an exact percentage. No service provider can realistically guarantee 100%. Considering the rapid decay of B2B data, any genuine deliverability figure above 85% is credible.


Outsourcing to the wrong database vendor can be a nightmare for any business. Rather than waste a precious opportunity and incur financial loss, business owners should take sufficient time to evaluate database quality. Based on the above factors, reviews, ratings, and vendor credentials, one can make the right decision.


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