Grand Island Goa Tour: All the Details



Goa’s Grande Island Or Bat Island are two places that are ideal for water sports like snorkeling. Grande Island can only be reached by boat. A boat trip to Grande includes snorkeling, fishing, and delicious lunch. Grilled fish smells fantastic. Swimming is an option after lunch.

You will receive beverages and fruit on board. A picnic spot on Bat Island is a great place to have one. If you are lucky enough, dolphins could be seen in their natural habitat. This trip is offered by many travel companies at a reasonable price.

Goa’s Gem

You can only discover the truth of this saying by traveling to Goa’s gem, the Orient. You should research the area before you plan your trip. You can find a lot of information by simply searching Grande Island Goa on Google.

This package is the best available in Goa. This package is the best because it allows you to enjoy all of Goa at a very affordable price. In the morning, you can start your excursion to Grande Island and Monkey Beach. This one-day package is both exciting and refreshing.

Enjoy a vacation on an island

Grand Island’s boat tour is amazing because you get to meet the friendly dolphins and also enjoy some thrilling water sports like snorkeling. This allows you to discover the beautiful underwater world and be amazed by its beauty.

The underwater experience

However, experiencing underwater life is something everyone should try. You will be safe while snorkeling and you will have all the safety equipment you need.

Grande Island offers a combination package, as mentioned previously. The package includes a Jetski and parasailing. Safety is not a concern.

Dolphin Tours

Grand Island’s environment is perfect for sightseeing and dolphin tours. You will enjoy the exercise because of the slight cooling effect of the water. You will be able to spot some of the most unique species on Earth during this private underwater tour. You will find dolphins all year round, as well as exciting moments in the middle of the ocean.

The Dolphin Watching Cruise includes a life jacket, dolphin viewing, boat tours, and stunning views. It is well worth your time. Our professionals will ensure your safety and enjoyment.

About the Grand Island Goa Snorkeling Tour

Grand Island’s stunning coastlines offer breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea’s splendor. Take in the spectacular view of the underwater world while snorkeling with loved ones. Discover the amazing marine life in Goa and enjoy one of its top water sports in its pristine waters.

  • The activities begin at 8:30 am. Pick-up points are in Calangute Baga, Candolim, and Arpora.
  • You will start your journey with a Long Tail boat ride starting at Sinquerim Boat Jetty and ending at Grand Island. Here you will enjoy breathtaking views that will relax your senses.
  • You can spot dolphins on the boat cruise and marvel at their beauty.
  • You are sure to have a great time snorkeling in the Arabian Sea’s marine environment.
  • After an activity session, grab some delicious snacks and lunch at the beach.
  • Enjoy complimentary cold and refreshing soft drinks, or beer (3 pints each).
  • Relax on the beach and enjoy the stunning views of distant countries.

Grand Island Vacation Packages: What is the cost?

An island excursion’s cost will vary depending on the operator and the quality of services offered. Online reservations are possible and prices start at Rs.1500/person.

Book your reservation now for Rs.1500/per person

Please remember that an Island Trip to Goa is not professional snorkeling. For those looking for an adventurous underwater adventure, scuba diving in Goa may be a good option.


This is not all. You will receive snorkeling gear when you arrive on Grande Island. This outfit allows you to explore the shallow waters around Grande Island. The expert will guide you through the snorkeling process.

Snorkeling can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities, regardless of your swimming ability. Everyone can enjoy snorkeling under our expert supervision and with the appropriate snorkeling gear and safety equipment.

What can you expect?

Swimsuits, comfortable clothes, a jacket, a hat, and sunscreen are all good options.

The package includes pickup and drop-off services. Only hotels in Baga and Nagoa are eligible for pick-up and drop-off services.

The package includes three beers, appetizers, drinks, and snorkeling.

Can we spend the night at Grand Island?

You cannot stay on the island as it is under Navy control. The higher authorities have banned overnight stays here. It is however a popular location for water sports and leisure activities offered by licensed providers throughout the day.

At 3 p.m., the operation and actions of the boats going to Grand Island will come to an abrupt halt. An Island Trip might be set up to transport you from Grande Island to Grande Island.

Is there an age limit for snorkeling?

Children under 2 years old are not recommended for this undertaking. The boat ride can be uncomfortable and frustrating for small children. The sea conditions might not be ideal for children to take part in this event.


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