Get a great tan with mobile spray tan


Tanning is no longer limited to the beach masses. With Mobile Spray Tanning, you can get an eye-catching tan in the comfort of your home without stepping outside. Spray tanning at home is currently considered the most affordable form of sunless tanning. It has eliminated the use of ultraviolet light and offers a safer alternative to traditional counterfeiting. mobile spray tan in LA often contain a type of simple carbohydrate called dihydroxyacetone (DHA). It is extracted from sugar cane or obtained by fermentation of glycerin. When sunscreen is sprayed onto the skin, the chemical reaction between DHA and amino acids found in dead skin cells on the skin’s surface causes the skin to darken. This process can be compared to frying potatoes. However, it does not harm skin cells. It usually takes up to ten days. Your tan can last longer by using bronzers that contain erythrulose in addition to DHA.

Advantage of Mobile Spray Tanning

Although less expensive than mobile tanning, tanning beds that automatically spray the tanning product onto the skin can cause serious side effects. The tanning solution may come into contact with the eyes, nose and mouth. Also, they cannot tan your body evenly. Mobile spray tanning, in which a solution is sprayed onto the skin with an air gun, is a safer and easier way of skin care.

Quality sunscreen

In order for it to be of good quality, you should choose a sun bed. In addition to DHA, which is the main ingredient in high-quality spray tans, other lower-quality spray tans are often used in budget setups. Approved for cosmetic use, these ingredients are considered safe for tanning skin. At-home spraying with the right tanning solution cans last seven to ten days without damaging the skin.  A significant number of fashionable women and macho men, from celebrities to high scholars, want a tan head for sun protection.


There is nothing better than sunbathing at home. You can organize these sessions at home when spray tanning professionals come to your home with tanning tools and products. The mobile spray tan is ideal for parties when you need an instantly tanned complexion. In addition, the spray tan specialist will advise you on the necessary measures to maintain your healthy skin and maintain the tan for as long as possible. Most large cities and even small towns have a mobile tanning salon. A salon or small business owner may run the business; however, both will have received specialist training in the art of airbrushing.

If you’ve never spray tanned before,

a few key tips for your tanning session will help you achieve the golden bronze finish you desire. Be sure to shower and exfoliate before your tanning session. Do not use deodorant, cream, perfume or cologne before the session. For starters, it is recommended to use an app to see how the color will look. After the first application, you can make an appointment for a new application later. If there isn’t a mobile tanning salon in your area, call your local tanning salon and ask if they’re considering this option. On the other hand, if you’re adventurous and want to make some extra cash, you might want to consider starting your own spray tanning Los Angeles business. It is an affordable and lucrative business opportunity that requires little training, a small initial investment in equipment, and is easy to use.


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