General Opinion people have about lab grown diamonds

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Diamonds one of the most popular gemstones that are used for making jewellery. It is one of the hardest substance known to man and is used for industrial cutting purposes as well. Since many years, diamonds were mined from under the earth’s surface and underwent processing after which they could be used for jewellery making. However, this procedure was not just labour intensive but also detrimental to the environment.

A few years back, lab grown diamonds were introduced as an alternative to diamonds. These diamonds looked exactly liked the ones mined from under the earth’s surface and one could not tell the difference between them with a naked eye. The advancements in technology had enabled people to create diamonds using high temperature and pressure in a matter of a few weeks. This was considered as a breakthrough discovery which held a lot of promise for the future.

However, lab grown diamonds did not become immediately popular after their introduction. Since their method of creation was vastly different from the naturally occurring diamonds, most people thought them to be fake diamonds. Several studies were conducted comparing diamonds that were grown in a lab and those that were unearthed. The results of these studies brought to light the fact that the lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds were exactly similar in the nature and properties. They has the same chemical composition, physical attributes and optical properties. The only difference was their method of production.

Even after the results of these studies were made public, it took a long time for people to become convinced regarding the authenticity of the lab grown diamonds. Slowly but steadily, the environment and ethical concerns related to the diamond mining came to the fore, giving a much needed boost to the lab grown diamond market. It was widely accepted that lab grown diamonds are more environment friendly and sustainable as compared to the mined diamonds. 

With time people have become more conscious towards the environment and are more likely to adopt a sustainable way of living. More and more people these days are opting for lab grown diamonds because they think it is sustainable and environment friendly. An additional advantage of lab grown diamonds is that they are much pocket friendly as compared to the mined diamonds. There has been considerable growth in the awareness and acceptance of lab grown diamonds in the last couple of years and today the lab grown diamond industry is as huge as the natural diamond industry and is competing with it.

Research has highlighted the fact that 70% of the millennials today are inclined towards investing in lab grown diamonds. Whether they want to buy a three stone engagement ring or a diamond tennis bracelet, they will opt for the ones made of lab grown diamonds. The sale of diamond jewellery has also increased in the last few years because the reduced cost of lab grown diamonds has made it possible for more and more people to buy their favourite diamond jewellery.


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