Easy Ways to Enhance Productivity in Your Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen

Running a commercial kitchen demands efficiency and productivity to get your orders on time. Constant delays in the meal preparation and serving can put a hold on your customers if you don’t resolve it. Having a productive kitchen can help your chefs and staff to cut the meal preparation time and serve right on time. In addition, it can prevent kitchen accidents and make working smooth. 

Having efficient workstations and upgraded kitchen layouts to help you meet the demands of busy hours can boost productivity in your kitchen. Your staff will be able to be more productive with less exertion which doesn’t make them overtired. Here is how you can improve productivity in your commercial kitchen and help your business grow. 

1. Pay attention to Working stations

If you think your kitchen is lacking productivity, one reason can be inefficient working stations. Almost all the work is done on working stations such as preparing food, dishing out, representation, etc. Increasing the efficiency of your workstations boosts the overall productivity of your kitchen and cuts down the extra time for serving orders.

 In addition, working stations of a kitchen are usually five : preparation, cooking, cleaning, food storage and non-food storage stations. Make sure these working stations are made keeping in mind their purpose. For instance, the preparation area should be close to the inventory and fridge to cut the extra time. 

2. Using the right Equipment 

Running a commercial kitchen is way different than a residential kitchen. You have to prepare a large number of orders on a daily basis. To cater to this need, commercial kitchens need commercial-grade equipment to boost the kitchens’ efficiency and make them more productive. For instance, make sure you invest in commercial refrigeration to store frozen items and other food essentials on a large scale. 

Similarly, see if you have a commercial-grade oven to reduce the baking time and cater to maximum orders in less time. Using the right equipment is crucial to increase the efficiency of your kitchen in the long run. 

3. Train Your Staff

Training your staff will help your kitchen to be more productive. When your staff is trained they need the least supervision and still perform well. They’ll work ahead of time and make your busy hours at the restaurant easy. In addition, they’ll be fully equipped with the knowledge of operating kitchen appliances and keeping in mind the safety measures to avoid potential accidents. 

Trained staff will help you manage a huge pantry of your restaurant and stock up mindfully so no item goes to waste. Moreover, they will help you improve customer experience and  bring more customers to your business in the long run. 

The bottom line

In a nutshell, you need to come up with a proper business plan while setting up a commercial kitchen. Thorough planning will help you find the right staff and train them according to your restaurant’s needs, get your hands on the right equipment, and set the right layout for your commercial kitchen to make it more productive.