Don Lemon – CNN’s Most Controversial Anchor

Don Lemon

Don Lemon has been an anchor on CNN for eight years – first as weekend prime-time anchor, then later co-host of its morning show and later still as co-host of its daily program – yet remains a source of considerable debate and contention.

Variety’s story published Wednesday alleges that Lemon had engaged in repeated instances of inappropriate conduct against female colleagues at CNN, including Soledad O’Brien and Nancy Grace.

About the Author

Don Lemon Net Worth has quickly become one of the most recognizable anchors on CNN and has gained notoriety for his outrage-inducing comments regarding women, as well as accusations of sexually harassing female colleagues.

Before joining CBSN in 2014, Lemon served as co-anchor at NBC5 News in Chicago and covered several high-profile stories such as Michael Brown’s shooting in Ferguson Missouri; George Zimmerman’s trial and subsequent conviction; and the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Lemon quickly built his reputation during his eight years as a top CNN anchor as an engaging political commentator who could strike an emotional chord with viewers. However, according to two people familiar with his circumstances at CNN, his standing within the network began eroding over time.

As Lemon’s popularity at the network declined, executives increasingly concluded that his future at that network was unviable, according to these people. His guests no longer wanted to appear on his show and audiences no longer found him as engaging, these sources reported.

After Grace O’Brien asked him what it felt like being Black woman, Lemon responded “Pull up your pants.”

Following this incident, Kaitlan Collins and Poppy Harlow took swift action by suspending him for two days from airing their program together. Later that week, he issued an apology on Twitter before making his way back onto air with them.

Some staffers still pushed for Lemon’s resignation, citing an incident where Lemon harshly criticized Kaitlan Collins for running off set – leaving her tearful and feeling low afterward.

Some staffers have noted that after Jeff Zucker took control of the network, Lemon began to withdraw further from his colleagues and become more polarized; often passing over stories which could help him develop an in-depth knowledge of Black culture.

About the Book

Lemon, an anchor on CNN and well-known journalist, has long been recognized by viewers. He anchored the Today Show for several years and served as a correspondent for NBC News; additionally, Lemon has written three books.

He is an established television journalist with a special gift for mixing personal narrative with political commentary to make himself accessible and relatable in ways which don’t come naturally to others.

In 2011, he became the first African American anchor to come out as gay, becoming an icon for other gay men of color. Additionally, he received the Ebony Power 150 award and is famous for his candid interviews and investigative reporting work.

Lemon has undertaken this book as his most recent endeavor to bring light to issues he considers essential to our nation, while reflecting his dedication to truth and accuracy. He hopes his work can serve as a calming force in an America riddled with falsehood.

Lemon’s book offers both personal and historical narratives that she considers representative of some of the most pressing issues currently confronting Americans, such as police shootings, racism and monument controversy. She seeks to address topics including police killings, racism and Confederate monument debate.

Chapter 13 provides us with insight into Lemon’s early years and their relationship. We discover more of his story as we gain knowledge of his childhood memories and his father’s influence on him.

Lemon’s book may have been written primarily with his nieces and nephews in mind, but its message applies to anyone concerned with our nation today. From those hoping to pursue journalism careers to those simply trying to understand where they live – there’s plenty here for all.

This book is full of humor and heart, offering readers a fresh approach to some of today’s most debated issues. If you want an alternative view on some of today’s controversial subjects, this one’s worth your while!